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Celerity Charter Schools Celebrate Black History Month

Part of Year-Long Culturally Relevant Conversations & Lessons


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2018 --February is Black History Month for hundreds of Southern California schools. However, here at Celerity Educational Group, we celebrate cultural diversity and relevancy every month throughout the academic year in each of our seven public charter school campuses. Our educators engage all our students in real-life topical conversations and integrated-curriculum activities based upon a core tenet of Celerity's unique educational model - Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education.

Black History Month provides a special educational opportunity at Celerity. There are times when teachers, parents and community leaders must explain situations which are painful and unfair. In today's society, students of all ages are faced with social and cultural issues at every turn. Rather than shying away, Celerity's goal is to provide each student with a creative learning outlet to express themselves.

Celerity is excited to announce events and activities throughout the month of February:

Performing Arts Showcase - Hitsville, USA: A Motown Story

This year, students at all Celerity schools - Himalia, Octavia, Nascent, Rolas, Achernar, Palmati, Cardinal - will put on a performance of Hitsville, USA: A Motown Story. Motown started as a record label, but it became so much more. A place, a style of music. A cultural celebration of social and racial equality, a family comprised primarily of black artists, but into which all were welcome.

Celerity students will experience the story of Motown through the eyes of Bernadette, an aspiring young black reporter, as she struggles to find her journalistic voice while maintaining her integrity. Each school will host individual shows for families and community members featuring outstanding talented performances by all Celerity students. Performances will begin February 20th and continue through March 8th.

1st Annual Celerity Black History Poetry & Art Competition

Students are encouraged to write a poem or create artwork demonstrating their connection to the events, people, movements, music or dance during the Motown period (1960-70s) and the relevancy happening today. Winning students will have their poem or artwork featured in the program for the performance of Hitsville, USA: A Motown Story. To guide students through this process, teachers during the school day and in our after-school program are engaging students in lessons and discussions revolving around these connections and how to express them on paper.

Forgotten Images Traveling Museum - Civil Rights Exhibit

Coming to Celerity schools for Black History Month, the award-winning Forgotten Images Traveling Museum provides an authentic and informative journey through the African American experience in America from slavery to the present day. Students receive guided tours of the acclaimed Civil Rights exhibit which includes segregation signs, lunch counters, water fountains, and March on Washington relics. Docents will guide students through these exhibits and students will participate in youth discussion panels to discuss social and cultural issues. The Traveling Museum will be visiting several Celerity campuses from February 9th to February 16th.

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"Here at Celerity, we view education about race, culture and social justice just as important as education about math, reading, and writing. Our unique educational model is not relegated to certain months, but rather occurs throughout the academic year, both through planned lessons and teachable moments," said Nadia Shaiq, Interim CEO and Chief Academic Officer. "When our students are taught Black History, they develop an understanding of themselves and others. In many cases, they will see similarities between African Americans and other groups undergoing similar struggles. Making these connections help form our students into global thinking citizens who will make our world a better place. Black History Month activities provide perfect opportunities to get students talking in a positive way and find creative outlets to express themselves."

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