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Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc. Achieves Major Milestone in Magnatek Cultured Diamond Process


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2016 --(Uptick Newswire April 14th, 2016) Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc. (The 'Company' or 'Centaurus Diamond Technologies' or 'Centaurus') (CTDT)

The Board of Directors, along with senior management at Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the validation by an Independent 3rd Party of the creation of diamond structure in our intermediate phase of research and development. The tests were performed with IR Optical Wavelength Spectroscopy.

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Our revolutionary process uses significantly less energy and time to produce nano-diamonds intended for various industrial applications. Synthetic diamonds were first successfully produced in 1955 by using high temperature, high pressure as announced by General Electric on February 15th, 1956. The next generation of synthetic or "lab-grown" diamond producers began to use CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and it has been the standard since the 1980's. However, our revolutionary new process is a quantum leap beyond current methods enabling us to create diamonds from carbon without requiring a diamond to seed the process.

The company has 2 patents issued which cover our unique process. US Patent entitled, "Synthesis of Diamond by Extraction of a Pulse Derived from the Abrupt Collapse of a Magnetic Field," was issued on December 21, 2010. One patent covers the process of diamond synthesis. Our other patent covers the apparatus which was designed, engineered and built for our specific process. Producing Diamond Semiconductor Devices".

Our remaining efforts include the engineering of sensors and electronic suites that can gauge and properly measure the forces within the Magnetek process. Once perfected, this technology will allow the Company to create additional flexibility in our manufacturing which will allow for diversification of product produced. Therefore Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc., is now committed to redoubling our efforts to fund our technical instrumentation needs using our own Patented Plasma Vapor Deposition technology. Centaurus' goal is to produce diamonds that have multiple industrial applications that can be used in machining and cutting tools, as thermal conductors for high power laser diodes and high power transistors. They can also be used as optical material to replace zinc selenide and as the output window of high power CO2 lasers and gyrotrons. In particular, diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any other bulk material. Its material hardness is 140 times that of the next hardest material. It is actually the hardest material on Earth, the least compressible, and the stiffest. It is the best thermal conductor, with extremely low thermal expansion. It is the densest crystal and is chemically and biologically inert, and highly transparent from deep UV to far Infra-Red light. Industrial diamonds are predominately used for their hardness and thermal conductivity, possessing four times the conductivity of copper. Many technological applications are enabled singularly by Diamond. As technology progresses, more and more advances will need to use one or the other extreme properties of diamond to enable such advances. When compared to Silicon, Diamond can run at a 5X higher temperature without degrading in performance. It has 22X the heat transfer efficiency of Silicon, allowing to be cooled easily. A thin piece of diamond can tolerate grid transmission level voltage. Diamond based Semi-Conductor devices have been shown to deliver one million times the electrical current than Silicon based devices. The diverse number of uses for synthetic diamonds presents an immense and exciting opportunity for us at Centaurus and we look forward to development of our patented process. An article published in ECN Magazine provides a great look into current semi-conductor technology application.

Read it here: http://ecnmag.com/article/2015/07/mission-synthetic-diamond

About Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Centaurus has been established to fully commercialize its proprietary, cost-efficient and high-volume diamond production method to provide industrial quality diamonds. The Company's patented technology enables the production of "cultured" diamonds that are chemically, atomically and structurally identical to natural diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America has tested the Company's "cultured" diamonds and has confirmed they are diamonds according to their testing protocols.

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