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Central Austin LASIK Clinic Introduces Free Consultations for Anyone with Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

Master Eye Associates informs people in Austin about the various kinds of laser eye surgery


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2014 --In an effort to clear up some of the misconceptions around laser eye surgery, the staff at Master Eye Associates is urging anyone with vision problems to go ahead and schedule a free LASIK consultation. During the consultation, an experienced eye doctor will discuss the different procedures in detail and screen patients to determine if they are good candidates for LASIK, LASEK, or PRK. Simply letting people know there are different procedures available is often a good place to start.

Master Eye Associates acknowledges that most people who come into one of their Austin eye care clinics for the first time ask about LASIK. LASIK with an ‘I’ tends to be the surgical option that gets the most attention because it’s the most popular. However, patients should expect their eye doctor to go through all the treatment options before making a recommendation. Once a patient fully understands the risks and possible outcomes of each procedure, they can then make an informed decision on whether or not to have surgery.

Public opinion regarding LASIK and other vision-correction surgeries tends to fall in one extreme or the other. Some people expect LASIK to be a magic cure-all for their vision woes, while others are completely turned off by one horror story they heard from a second-hand source ten years back. The rational reality, of course, is somewhere between. Master Eye Associates hopes that by providing free consultations, they will encourage more people to consider laser eye surgery in a less harsh, more reasonable light.

Many of the same vision problems that have been addressed with prescription glasses for centuries can now be corrected by laser eye surgery. At the same time, there is risk involved, and cost, so anyone uncomfortable with undergoing elective surgery should put ample thought into their decision.

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