Central Illinois Reclosers Inc

Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Oil circuit recloser service teams up with online marketing firm


Greenville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2016 --Central Illinois Reclosers Inc., an oil circuit recloser sales, maintenance and repair company operating in 11 states since 2004, recently announced a partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing firm serving small business clients all over North America from its location in Phoenix, Arizona.

By collaborating with the team at BizIQ, Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. expects to see increased traffic to its company website and further develop the customer base the oil circuit recloser service has been building over the past decade. BizIQ's strategy with companies like Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. involves improving client visibility in local Google results through search engine optimization. Additional elements of the marketing firm's approach include building a new company website for the oil circuit recloser service, as well as developing a blog and introducing new avenues for customers to connect with BizIQ's client.

Central Illinois Reclosers Inc.'s new website will prioritize access to relevant, informative and timely content that relates to the company's services and products. All content on the new site will be written by professional copywriters. In addition, a Google Maps link will make it easy for visitors to find the oil circuit recloser service's physical location.

"Our company has been serving clients in central Illinois and beyond for over a decade now, but we're very interested in expanding our reach into new markets," said Jeff Hulvey, owner of Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. "Now that the Internet has become the go-to source for customers in search of services like ours, we decided it was time to revitalize our online presence. We're very happy with BizIQ's efforts in building our new website and looking forward to developing our partnership."

About Central Illinois Reclosers Inc.
Founded in 2004, Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. provides oil circuit recloser service to electrical power suppliers in Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Dakota. The company is focused on providing safe, reliable services to its customers and preventing damaging power outages.

For more information about Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. and the company's services and products, please visit http://www.centralillinoisreclosersinc.com.

To learn more about BizIQ and its expertise regarding local search engine optimization, or to view its extensive list of service options, please visit http://www.ebiziq.com/.