CEO of Teleteria Casino, Jay Servidio Offers "Free Parking" for the Summer Olympics

Set to help entrepreneurs make bank on the highest attended, most watched Olympics in history, the CEO of Teleteria Casino, Jay Servidio announces an offer savvy capitalists can’t refuse.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2016 --Like the sports betting websites his company develops, Teleteria Casino CEO, Jay Servidio announces a windfall for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Offering a front row seat for what will be the most watched Olympics in history, the gaming industry specialist announces "free parking" for the games in Rio. Delivered by way of a tricked out, gaming website that's ready to make an income within three days, Jay Servidio says being front and center looks a whole lot like never leaving your "office."

Doing what his company does best, creating opportunities where the advantage is, redefines what it means to be an armchair sports enthusiast. Thanks to the digital age anyone, of any age, can watch the upcoming Summer Olympics on a variety of platforms. Better yet, they can place a bet just as easily. That's where Jay Servidio and Teleteria Casino comes in. They develop sports betting websites with unlimited marketing assistance, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited possibilities. With ongoing consultation services on tap and free of charge, the NYC-based gaming website development company cuts out the middle man. Now, Teleteria Casino will have a site up and running with a licensed European casino operator in 4 days or less and the revenue is paid directly to the gaming site owner. That's an industry first.

Providing the creation of a custom casino and sports betting website, company logo and all graphics with which to start a Facebook and Twitter page, Teleteria's a one-stop-shop. Every global sports betting site has full analytic access to its stats. That takes ownership to a whole new level. Now website owners can keep tabs on how much money their site earned and what their income will truly be.

Making marketing worldwide a snap, provides a multi-lingual Sportsbook feature. Jay Servidio said of his company's rarefied methods, "Anyone can bet on any sporting event anywhere on earth, and you get paid 35% of the loss when they lose. Because we're the only company online that doesn't share in our clients' profits, this is a real opportunity to achieve your financial goals online. No minimum monthly requirements. No monthly fees for software. No licensing fees. No questions here."

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