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CFS Jets Discusses Three Different Aircraft Appraisal Methods


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2021 --CFS Jets is an aviation sales and acquisitions company that helps its clients get the most from their private aircraft investments. With a comprehensive understanding of the market, CFS Jets shares some knowledge and advice on three private aircraft appraisal methods which include DIY, desktop, and professional appraisal.

Private aircraft appraisal is performed when aircraft goes on the market. Much like a home appraisal, private aircraft appraisal gives an accurate value that acts as a starting point for private aviation negotiations.

Here are three of the most common aircraft appraisal methods:

- DIY Aircraft Appraisal- Do It Yourself aircraft appraisal is an aircraft appraisal method that uses popular online tools to gauge the price of private aircraft. Available on platforms such as VREF and Aircraft Bluebook, this aircraft appraisal method should be seen as a starting point, but should not be considered the best aircraft appraisal method for buyers/sellers.

- Desktop Appraisal- A desktop appraisal is a virtual aircraft appraisal performed by a certified aircraft appraiser. While this method provides sellers with a more thorough appraisal than online platforms, it's not the best appraisal method because it's not an in-person inspection.

- Professional Appraisal- A professional aircraft appraisal is an in-person aircraft inspection that's performed by a certified appraiser to gauge value. This method is the most reliable and accurate appraisal method and should be performed before transactions are finalized.

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