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CFS Jets Helps Clients Compare & Contrast New & Used Private Jets for Sale


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2021 --Corporate Fleet Services works with their clients to help them weigh the pros and cons of purchasing new and used private jets for sale.

Corporate Fleet Service has nearly forty years of experience working with an international client base in aircraft sales and acquisitions. This experience allows them to help their clients make the best choice in terms of selecting the right aircraft for their needs.

Pros of Purchasing New Jets
The pros of purchasing new jets are many. From full-customization to longevity, purchasing new allows buyers to get exactly what they are looking for without compromise.

Cons of Purchasing New Jets
There are a few downsides to purchasing brand-new private jet models. These include higher initial costs and potentially less reliability than used private jets that have a good track record.

Pros of Purchasing Used Jets
Purchasing used jets is a good choice for buyers on a budget. It can also open up the door to higher-quality aircraft at lower rates.

Cons of Purchasing Used Jets
While purchasing used private aircraft comes at a more attractive rate, buyers need to realize that fuel efficiency is not always at the same standard as brand-new models. It can also mean that buyers need to invest in more maintenance fees.

About Corporate Fleet Services
Corporate Fleet Services in an internationally recognized private aircraft broker offering new and used private jets for sale. With a team of passionate professionals and experience dating back to 1984, Corporate Fleet Services knows a thing or two about private aircraft sales, acquisitions, trades, and negotiations. By handling all aspects of private jet transactions in-house, CFS Jets streamlines sales and puts their clients in the sky in less than 90 days!

From Cessna, Beechcraft, Bombardier, and more, CFS Jets has an impressive inventory of the finest new and used private jets for sale on the market. Contact CFS Jets by visiting today!