Ch8se Indiegogo Campaign Hits the Ground Running

Planting trees instead of advertising?


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2016 --A new experimental fashion startup from Amsterdam called ch8se (read choose) has been launched on Indiegogo. It aims to be the first fashion brand to entirely ditch traditional advertising, and instead, donate their advertising budget to selected nonprofits to plant trees, provide clean drinking water, and feed children.

The campaign is offering t-shirts, hoodies and jewellery to supporters who are eager to wear their social conscious credentials in their clothing.

Each item that is bought has a redeemer code built into the tag, which the buyer can register on the website. Once the code is redeemed, the amount is transferred to the right not-for-profit organization and the consumer can see the exactly quantified impact of their purchase. For example a single sweater can plant as many as 87 trees, a t-shirt can provide almost four years worth of clean water and sanitation to someone in need, or feed a child for 20 days.

Through this highly transparent process ch8se aims to enable its supporters to make a change without the need for explicit donations, but simply by making a conscious consumer choice.

Of course the ch8se clothes don't just do good for others, they also look great. They are made in Europe and have a socially inclusive production process which includes the employment of young disabled workers who often struggle to find work. The packaging is created from recycled materials and is both eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing. This is a company that truly embraces their values of positive consumerism and injects them into each and every stage of the process.

ch8se clothing also comes with an attractive lapel pin you can wear when your favorite shirt or hoodie is in the wash so you can still show your support for the brand.

About ch8sers
ch8sers, as the brand sympathizers are known, are passionate advocates for the process of conscious consumerism, and more ch8sers are sought. In the absence of ads, ch8se would mostly rely on word of mouth and social media buzz fueled by sheer goodwill. For those who are eager to support ch8se and the concept of fashion that helps the planet while also looking good, jump in early as an Indiegogo supporter and proudly let everyone know that you supported ch8se before they were famous.