ChalkTastic White Chalk Marker Pens Achieve Three Hundred Amazon Reviews

ChalkTastic’s recently launched product White Chalk Marker Pen continues to make steady progress in This useful product has recently touched the milestone of three hundred reviews in the world’s most preferred online shopping destination.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2016 --ChalkTastic proudly announces that their White Chalk Markers have recently gone past the milestone of three hundred Amazon reviews. More importantly, the product has achieved this feat in quick time, and with a very good average user rating. With almost hundred percent positive reviews, this product is currently amongst the top twenty Amazon bestsellers in as many as three subcategories. ChalkTastic is a familiar name in Amazon that specializes in creating world-class accessories made of chalk. ChalkTastic white marker pens are now available in Amazon for $10.47 only.

ChalkTastic believes in maintaining a stringent quality standard, and their chalk pens have been manufactured from a highly concentrated liquid chalk material that provides bright and vibrant colors. Kids were one of the major target groups for ChalkTastic while designing this product. This is why the company has taken extra care to deliver a product that is odorless and non-toxic in nature. Alongside the kids, many teachers have also used this product with great satisfaction. The three hundred plus Amazon reviews suggest that this product can also be used for menu boards, bistro boards, black dry erase board, LED board, window markers, car windows, kids art, school work, and many other purposes.

A recent user mentions in her Amazon review, "I love chalk markers. I like to use them on chalk stickers and I use them to label things. I use a lot of them on my storage containers to write on what is inside. I also used them to write on my thermos I take to work so everyone knows it's mine. Unlike that chalk markers can easily be erased. My husband is a teacher and he likes to use them in his classroom, too."

Another user recommends the product saying, "These chalk marker pens work very well. They write smoothly on glass jars. The blunt end works best if you want to write very large, but I prefer for most purposes to use the chisel end, and I write with the tip of it. I just love the results! Also, it washes off very easily with water--which makes it great for temporary markings. But it is good to keep in mind that these wouldn't work well for any purposes where the item marked will get wet. Also, they will not wash off porous surfaces--so if in doubt, make a small test mark first."

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