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Challenge Burpee Reviews: Does Shawna Kaminiski's Workout Work

Challenge Burpee reviews have been pouring in about Shawna Kaminiski's latest challenge workout. But does it stand up to the hype, and is it a good program?


Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2013 --Shawna Kaminiski is a now well-known trainer who has released a few of these challenge workouts. We decided to give her latest Challenge Burpee workout a chance after seeing how popular her last release was. So in this Challenge Burpee review we hope to shed some light on the program and on Shawna as well.

The Challenge Burpee exercise plan that Shawna Kaminiski has developed is actually a solid program that will strengthen your core muscles and should melt fat from your body. Burpees really are one of the perfect exercise because they work the entire body. A combination of squats, pull-ups, and vertical jumps, they work the core muscles and increase your level of cardiovascular endurance. The cherry on top is that you will not need to purchase any equipment to stay in top-top shape.

Right now, the internet and fitness world is embracing the Challenge Burpee. Click here to leran more about the full program details. But as an overview, every day one burpee is added to the exercise routine. On Day One of the Burpee Challenge, you do one burpee. By Day Thirty, you should be doing thirty burpees in a day.

What Is A Burpee?

Like I said above, burpees are a whole body exercise that work the core muscles and gradually increase your ability to train doing longer sets of cardio exercises. That's why the Burpee Challenge is so great. Burpees will naturally increase your endurance so the process feeds on itself and helps you to reach your goal.

Burpees employ a six count cycle. Each motion is geared to work a different group of core muscles. After each repetition, you will return to the standing position. Here is a breakdown of the movements.

- Begin in a standing position with shoulders relaxed, arms at your side, and feet slightly apart. Breathe through your nose. Make sure your muscles are relaxed before you begin the series.

- Move into a squatting position. Your weight remains balanced on your feet but your knees should be bent. If you can, enter a full squat with knees fully bent. A partial squat is okay if that is what your body can handle in the beginning.

- Move into a push-up position by placing your hands in front of you and extending your legs behind you. Balance your weight on your toes and keep your legs straight and close together. Your palms should be flat on the ground and positioned on either side of your body. The hands should be facing forward.

- Lower your chest to the ground. You are working abdominal muscles as well as arm and leg muscles. Successful movement shifts control of the movement to the abdominal muscle group. Take your time with this motion.

- Press downward with your arms and push your body to its former position. Your chest and shoulders will be working hard to complete this move. Continue to breathe through the exercise to restore oxygen to your hard working muscles.

- Return to the squatting position by pulling your feet back under your body. Center your weight over your feet. You can return them to position one at a time in the beginning.

- Jump up and extend your hands over your head. Clap your hands together once they are fully extended. This motion relieves the tension you have built in the previous exercises and is crucial to restore elasticity to your muscles.

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Is This A Good Exercise Program?

Shawna Kaminski has been working with women over forty for many years. Her videos teach us how to regain muscle tone through strength training and regular cardiovascular exercise. However, it does get harder to lose the weight as we get older and burpees really work the muscle groups that will speed the process.

Shawna's Challenge Burpee program shows women how to gradually change our body through regular increases in repetitions. Doing one burpee a day is not overwhelming. Just about every body can do it. However, learning how to sustain the program and increase the number of repetitions is where Shawna really shines.

She illustrates a variety of ways to change it up and make it more interesting. Some of her versions of burpees are designed to really target that belly fat that is so difficult to shed. She shows us how to include weights to add power to the work out.

Burpees are an old school exercise that really work. It doesn't take expensive machinery and they can be done anywhere no matter what the weather. The gradual increase in repetition is a good idea for most.

To learn more about the program, please visit Shawna's official Challenge Burpee website.