ChallengeMe 2.0 Aims to Grow Alongside User "Gains", Building a Competitive Platform for Influencers and Fans


Valparaiso, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2019 --ChallengeMe 2.0, the app dedicated to challenging fitness enthusiasts and cross-fit trainers in their quest for competitive domination, is scaling up its performance in a new round of app features aimed at allowing fitness users to build a community, post exclusive workout challenges, and get paid.

Featured on BoxRox as the "future" of competitive fitness, ChallengeMe serves both athletes and fans to engage with each other, as well as the fitness community at large. The newest Kickstarter campaign, with its ambitious goal of $100,000 in backing, is aimed at allowing founders Brent, Matt, and Devin to follow in the footsteps of the video game community, developing features that top athletes, gym owners, and fitness "influencers" can take full advantage of.

The best way to understand ChallengeMe 2.0 is to think of it like a unique blend of Twitch and Instagram. Gym owners, fitness influencers, and high performing athletes in any discipline can host events, competitions, and challenges. Both competitors and fans can then engage in these challenges and each user can view, in real time, their "rank" in comparison to those completing the same challenge. Using video verification and community voting, users can measure engagement and create content that draws spectators and participants into the platform.

Going from strength to strength, both literally and proverbially, the secret to ChallengeMe's success is the same ethic that propels fitness in general: hard work, consistency, healthy competition, and conquering every workout, one step at a time. While other apps are content to be known to their users as exercise apps, ChallengeMe intends to be a gamechanger by creating features that will allow subscribers to watch their favorite influencers post and participate in fitness challenges. Users can, themselves, participate and see where they stand in comparison to the world's best. Meanwhile, to build their community and encourage their members to stay active, gym owners and influencers can post workouts and content available exclusively to their fans.

ChallengeMe 2.0 has already completed its initial phase of customer acquisition. Now, with a subscription-based model, the team plans to help fitness influencers and gym owners look forward to monetizing their relationships and user bases while continuing to build an even larger user base through incentivizing these key figures, rather than direct marketing to users.

So far, backers have a choice of 12 levels of funding, with rewards getting increasingly attractive. They include perks like hoodies, branded badges, t-shirts, in-app rewards, signed manuals, UI documents, as well as personally named benchmarks within the app, founder meetings, retreats, and podcast co-hosting opportunities.