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Challenger Jets Are a Supreme Business Jet for Private Air Travel


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2020 --Corporate Fleet Services has a range of private inventory including a challenger jet for sale. Challenger jets are a supreme private aircraft option for their many benefits including comfort, range, and performance.

Private airline brokers have a range of private aircraft makes and models on their radar. However, aircraft brokers agree that the challenger jet holds many benefits for potential buyers that other jet's don't have.

Bombardier Challenger jets for sale are an attractive option for potential buyers due to their comfort. With spacious cabins and attractive interiors, these 8-10 seater jets are built with comfort in mind. With tasteful club and oppositive side seating features, the Challenger 601 model offers carpet flooring and attractive kitchen space for optimal comfort and convenience.

The Challenger private business jets are built for range. With canted dihedral wings, the Challenger series is known for cutting down on drag, which can cause fuel to burn at a slower rate, making these jets ideal for long trips and having less of an environmental impact.

In addition to their fuel-reducing function, Challenger jets are a performance aircraft built with climb ability and a swept T-tail with a swept horizontal stabilizer. Known for their low noise levels, these leisurely jets have become a popular option amongst private aircraft owners.

Challenger jets for sale are a hot-ticket item for private aircraft shoppers and owners due to their many benefits. With performance and style at the forefront of their design, Challenger jets get passengers from point A to point B effectively, and in style.

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