Charidy Announces the "Ducks in a Row" $25,000 Matching Grant Competition


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2019 --Does your organization have what it takes to run an online crowdfunder, but still needs the motivation or the matching grants to get it done?

If you can prove that you've got all of your "ducks in a row," and that all you need to start a campaign is the leverage of a matching grant, then one of our three grand prizes can be yours!

In today's day and age, a successful crowdfunding campaign can hardly be imagined without matching donors. But it really was just under 6 years ago, when Charidy introduced the world-changing model of matched giving crowdfunding campaigns. Now, hundreds of philanthropists are channeling their major gifts through crowdfunding because they all understand the powerful ripple effect that it commands.

Despite this, there are still thousands of capable organizations in our communities who have still not yet taken advantage of the amazing benefits that crowdfunding has to offer.

Realizing this gap, two pillars of Tzedakah—two long-time Charidy matchers with tremendous impact—have stepped up to do something about it.

Eli & Freida Nash, The Meromim Foundation and Charidy will be offering prizes to the three first-time crowdfunder finalists of the Ducks in a Row Matching Grant Competition.

1st Prize
$25k matching grant
Sponsored by Eli & Fraida Nash | To be used in a free Charidy campaign before Dec 31st 2019

2nd Prize
$15k matching grant
Sponsored by Meromim Foundation | To be used in a free Charidy campaign before Dec 31st 2019

3rd Prize
Free Crowdfunding Campaign
From your team at Charidy | Must be redeemed before Dec 31st. Up to $20,000 in value

"We're excited to partner with the Meromim Foundation and Eli & Freida Nash, who have been consistent partners and advocates for revolutionary fundraising" said Yehuda Gurwitz, CEO of Charidy.

Eli & Freida Nash and the Meronim Foundation have been adamant advocates for crowdfunding and consistent Charidy campaign matchers for years. They've seen major breakthroughs in organizations—complete revolutions in financing to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

Both the Nash's and the Meromim Foundation have been responsible for raising tens of millions of dollars worth of matching campaigns, done for hundreds of different organizations.

"For years, since the early days of Charidy, I've seen first-hand the incredible benefits that result from the charities I've given to," said Eli Nash. "Too often I hear organizations say, 'Maybe crowdfunding isn't for me.' I want to use my matching grant as a way to change their minds, so that they too can experience the impact and excitement that these campaigns bring."

"Out of the hundreds of organizations we've matched, we know that there are still hundreds more who don't realize their own crowdfunding campabilities," said Benzi Lipsker of the Meromim Foundation. "Sometimes, they just need a little push to see that they're ready and we're excited to see the difference that we can make."

In true Charidy style, the signup process will be quick and swift. Applicants will need to "get their ducks in a row" and apply before October 24th for the first round of submissions.

After applications are reviewed, 30 Finalists will be selected. Those finalists will then have to send in a one-minute video by November 1st to show why they are best poised to run a campaign.

The winner will be announced on November 5th with the campaign that the grant is being used for needing to be done before December 31st.

"We're excited for the opportunity to help three new organizations that have never done a crowdfunding campaign," said Moshe Hecht, Chief Innovation Officer of Charidy."We want them to serve as an example for other organizations that a successful crowdfunding campaign can be possible for them too."

Visit Ducks in a Row Matching Grant Competition. to apply or watch our video

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