Charidy CEO Yehuda Gurwitz Takes on Human Trafficking


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2018 --Yehuda Gurwitz, CEO of nonprofit fundraising consultancy and crowdfunding platform Charidy, recently returned from a gathering of social impact entrepreneurs, government officials, and prominent philanthropists who gathered for the Global Sustainability Conference in Tivat, Montenegro. The conference is the annual gathering of The Global Sustainability Network, founded by Raza Jafar; the Balkans Chapter which hosted the event is headed by Romy Hawatt. This year it brought together a variety of leaders together to discuss human rights, modern-day slavery, human and organ trafficking, sustainable economic growth and sustainable tourism in the Balkan region. Mr. Gurwitz was among those represented; the conference is just one of many efforts he is taking to make meaningful change.

"Words without action is meaningless," says Gurwitz. "This is what I spoke about at the conference, and what I try to embody in my own life and with the team at Charidy."

On Oct. 16, 2018, Charidy is hosting the second annual United for Freedom: The Global Day of Giving to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Last year, United for Freedom raised over $500,000. This year, with more than thirty participating organizations, Yehuda Gurwitz and the Charidy team aim to double that impact, raising at least $1 MIL across all the organizations in just 24 hours.

"I really believe that if people out there connect with the issue emotionally, they will care. And act. So, we help people connect with the issues and give them the tools to act," explains Gurwitz.

Deeply involved in nonprofits from a young age, Gurwitz is passionate about using technology to solve social issues and ultimately increase philanthropic giving worldwide. The Charidy team and platform are helping him bring this vision to fruition.

What started for Gurwitz with a personal cause campaign has blossomed into a crowdfunding phenomenon. To-date, Charidy has helped more than 1500 organizations raise over $500 MIL from hundreds of thousands of donors. While two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail, Charidy's 99% campaign success rate makes them the most successful nonprofit crowdfunding platform on the market.

"We want to make things happen. Awareness without action doesn't do it. With Charidy, we can move people beyond intentions and into doing real good in the world," Gurwitz adds.

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