Chefs Across America Report a New Trend in Successful Catering: Spiralizing Fresh Vegetables

Catering will always fascinate us, looking both fancy and complicated at the same time. However, chefs across America swear that those fancy-looking delights that they serve at events or parties can be easily achieved with the help of a friendly kitchen gadget called the WonderVeg Tri-Blade Spiralizer.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2017 --In the past years, American people have started to care more and more about healthy nutrition and eat more vegetables. Chefs have always succeeded in creating healthy and delicious recipes with vegetables which dazzle us with their creativity. And although these shapes and textures may appear really complicated and hard to obtain, chefs across US report that the secret behind many of their extravagant veggie culinary shapes and textures is the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer.

According to chefs working in catering, this gadget can create nice vegetable or fruit noodles or ribbons and they look delicious. So, it is nothing fancy or complicated, only fruits and vegetables. But the real difference is made by the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer.

Although these dishes were assembled by chefs, they encouragingly report that everyone can prepare a dish like that at home. Recent reports and interviews with famous chefs reveal the fact that in the kitchen of many classic or vegan restaurants, there are a couple of spiralizers. In multiple interviews, chefs divulge that they love and use almost daily the Tri Blade Spiralizer.

According to them, the reason why they choose to use a spiralizer like the WonderVeg Spiral Slicer is because it is very easy to use and easy to store in the kitchen. Moreover this spiralizing machine has three different blades and it can spiralize almost everything, from oranges to zucchini and sweet potatoes or other hard vegetables. And that is an advantage, because with a single machine, chefs can prepare many dishes in a short period of time.

And not only at work have chefs used WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer, but also at home, in order to prepare their family great dishes in a short period of time.

JLS Chef, client of the WonderEsque, recently left a five stars review for the WonderVegSpiralizer: "I was a chef for a lot of years and have used spiralizers similar to this on many occasions. I decided to purchase one for my home so I could make different kinds of "spaghetti" for the kids. This particular model is great. It works exactly as i expected it to and like others I have used in thepast. The extra blades fit nicely under the main body and the suction cups are great to keep the unit from sliding on the counter top. It also came with extra suction cups and rotating handle parts and a small pipe cleaner for cleaning out the blades. Highly recommend."

For more information on the product, be sure to visit www.wonderesque.com or www.amazon.com/dp/B00OA3K9G8.

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