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ChemDefense Launches to Record Sales for Highly-Praised EnvioShield Detoxification Supplement

Launched in March to alleviate the effects of environmental toxicity ChemDefense reports over 10,000 bottles sold since their official grand opening. Offering the anti-pollution supplement EnvioShield, lauded by famous author and activist G Edward Griffin, the company is poised to make a viable difference in consumer health.


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2014 --ChemDefense announces their official launch with record sales right out of the gate for the highly-praised product EnvioShield. The anti-pollution supplement is a resource for consumers who are interested in protection from the negative health effects of environmental toxicity. Providing an alternative to daily exposure to toxic substances found in our air, food, water and personal care products the supplement is a renegade approach to good health.

Proponents of the detox supplement say that one should even take heed when drinking even a simple glass of water. Reports state that the effects of lead and arsenic found in the water are less than helpful for maintaining good health. To that end, EnvioShield is a favorite of famed author and activist G Edward Griffin who recently stated, “I am seriously impressed with EnvioShield. This product is excellent in every way. It is long overdue, and I am thankful that now there is a convenient and modestly priced safeguard against all the deadly stuff being dumped into our environment.”

Olesya Novik, president of ChemDefense LLC said of the detoxification supplement, “We launched this company out of a love for our own family. We wanted to do everything we could to defend ourselves from the environmental pollution that threatens our bodies daily. We trust it so much we give it to our family, our friends, and take it ourselves.”

To put it simply, EnvioShield offsets the effects of geoengineering, smog, chemtrails and our toxic modern environment that suffuse our food supply with heavy metals and pathogens. It even assists the body in ridding toxins from mercury found in certain seafoods, Teflon chemicals in non-stick cookware, and BPA in plastic. EnvioSheild, quite literally eliminating the trails in the body chemicals leave, is described as a necessity to protect our health from environmental toxicity. Consumers who use the anti-pollution supplement report renewed energy levels, migraine and joint pain reduction, improved immune system, heart, liver and lung function, improved mental clarity and focus.

About ChemDefense LLC
ChemDefense LLC is a company based in Aliso Viejo, California that provides the marketplace with protection from chemtrails via an anti-pollution supplement called EnvioShield. The product is endorsed by famed author and activist G Edward Griffin as a viable resource for safeguarding against environmental toxins.


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