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Chesapeake Case Is a Reminder to Choose Reliable and Reputable Contractors

Last September, a Chesapeake contractor named Timothy Phelps was convicted of construction fraud for failing to complete a garage for his clients. The plight of his victims is a reminder to Virginia residents to screen their garage contractors with care and caution before making a final decision.


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2016 --In September of 2015, Timothy Phelps of Timberlynn Construction was convicted of construction fraud for failing to complete a 50' x 80' garage for a Virginia Beach house. As a result, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with 10 years suspension, which must have come as poor consolation to his victims, who had been cheated out of $90,000. Phelps's case is a reminder to Virginia residents of the need to choose their contractors with care and caution because the potential consequences of a bad choice are so serious.

When examined, the case seems like the classic example of unsuspecting homeowners being cheated out of their cash by unscrupulous contractors. In brief, the homeowners paid Phelps $20,000 upon signing the contract plus another $20,000 with which to purchase materials. Afterward, the homeowners paid him $15,000 when the contracted period of time started, an additional $45,000 with which to purchase materials, as well as $20,000 when he claimed that he needed it to make payroll. While Phelps did complete about $30,000's worth of work on the 50' x 80' garage, it is clear that the homeowners' tolerance of the man should have run out long before they paid him an astonishing total of $120,000.

Still, the case does serve to illustrate the dangers of blind trust when it comes to contractors. In short, the jobs entrusted to contractors can be as expensive as they are important, meaning that Virginia residents need to take some serious time and effort into examining their options so as to ensure that their chosen candidates can be counted upon to do them right. At a minimum, this means seeking out reliable and reputable contractors rather than choosing between a random selection of candidates found through various means. Furthermore, this means checking their credentials to confirm that they are capable of living up to their claims as well as reading through their past clients' reviews for further testament.

For example, Quality Garage Doors is an excellent example of a reliable and reputable contractor that Virginia residents should consider when it comes to their garage doors. They understand the concerns of their clients, which is why they are willing to back up their claims as well as keep in close contact with said individuals throughout the process so that they will be able to retain control over the situation. Something that less reliable and less reputable contractors neglect all too often.

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