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Chicago Dentist Offers Patients Dental Implants as a Permanent Solution to Damaged or Missing Teeth

Dr. Shafeeq Bader of Dental Impressions in Chicago, IL Gives Patients Their Smile and Confidence Back


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2016 --For patients struggling with dental problems related to damaged or missing teeth, normal eating, drinking, and brushing can be difficult. With dental implants, Dr. Shafeeq Bader of Dental Impressions in Chicago is able to offer patients a permanent solution to missing teeth that dentures, partial dentures, or dental bridges cannot offer.

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants most closely resemble and function like natural teeth. By anchoring to the jawbone with a titanium screw, dental implants have the unique ability to fuse to bone and therefore give patients back their natural look and function. The dental implants Dr. Bader offers are nearly indistinguishable from a patient's natural tooth.

Once the titanium screw is implanted, Dr. Bader custom makes the attached crown to blend in with the patients smile. Depending on the patient, dental implants can be a dental bridge, dental crown, a partial denture, or a full denture. No matter what unique needs a patient has, Dr. Bader strives to offer a tailor made, permanent solution.

Dental implants are rated as one of the most successful surgically implanted devices and for that reason Dr. Bader recommends them as the best option for those struggling with missing teeth. Because of their durability, patients can go about their normal eating, drinking an dental hygiene habits without fear of damaging their implant. As long as patients maintain good dental care – regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings – Dr. Bader's dental implants are likely to last a lifetime.

Dr. Bader and his staff at Dental Impressions are focused on improving the function, appearance, and health of patients' smiles. Dr. Bader is eager to enhance your smile!

About Dr. Bader
After graduating from University of Illinois-Chicago Dental School, Dr. Bader entered private practice where he has been for 15 years. He continues to further his education with orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry courses, and he also completed an extensive course in dental implants. Dr. Bader and his staff at Dental Impressions offer 20 different dental services and can speak three languages.

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