Chicago's Face of Latino Music and Local Celebrity DJ, Jr. Lopez, Endorses GearclubDirect

GearclubDirect has announced Jr. Lopez, a local Chicago DJ and the city’s face of Latino music, has endorsed their company. They been providing equipment to Jr. Lopez for years and are proud to receive this prestigious endorsement.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2013 --GearclubDirect, a leading distributor of DJ equipment in Chicago, has announced that Jr. Lopez, a local celebrity DJ and the face of Latino music in the area, has endorsed the company. Jr. Lopez, a disk jockey at Univision Radio’s Maxima 93.5 and 103.1 FM stations, has used equipment from GearclubDirect for many years. He is well-known in the Chicago area and has also worked with popular radio stations in the past. These include WOJO QUE BUENA 105.1 FM, Kalle 106.7 FM, and Big City Radio Chicago.

Jr. Lopez is one of the most requested DJ’s in the area. A passion for music and live performance has earned him the reputation he deserves. In addition, Jr. Lopez has performed in some of the top clubs in the city and as the opening act for major performers. Club appearances have included Excalibur, Mannequin, V Live, Crobar, Antro VIP, and more. The DJ has opened for Alex Syntec, Tiziano Ferro, Ivy Queen, Xtreme, Toby Love, Tito the Bambino, Daddy Yankee, and many others in Chicagoland.

“Through all my career, these particular brands have been of my preference, which have made my job more easier every time I perform or do a event: Crown, Pioneer, JBL, Peavey, and Rane mixers. I don’t mind working with other brands, I always try to adjust myself to any set up at night clubs or private events to show the professionalism and well work I do,” said Jr. Lopez. “My current setup has a Pioneer CDJ-2000 and a DJM-900 Mixer, which is the set up I request in special events, but nevertheless, I also ask for CDJ-650s and DJM-600 or 700 as well as a JBL monitor system. Now I wouldn’t know so much about the equipment that I’m familiar with if it wasn’t for GearclubDirect. It’s where I have been buying all my equipment and that’s the only place where I get the best deals. They always have time for me and answer all my questions and everytime I need something in particular, they always have the right equipment in stock.”

GearclubDirect currently carries all of the equipment Jr. Lopez has used in his work. The Pioneer CDJ-2000 and four-channel DJM-900 Mixer are now a part of the distributor’s catalog; the mixer offers plug-and-play computer connectivity via a single USB port. It has 13 beat effects, six channel-assignable effects, and more while being resistant to liquids. The same features are available to anyone looking for a fully functional mixer as Jr. Lopez whenever he performs a high-profile gig.

For DJs professional and newer to the game, the CDJ-650s digital media player supports many popular files, such as WAV and MP3, and plays music directly from the user’s USB drive. Connections are made via a USB port. The unit provides beat matching and looping, plus scratch and pitch bending via a job dial. It is also vibration resistant and allows the user to easily transfer songs to playlists. The DJM-600, 700, and other models also provide numerous effects and features for the ideal DJ experience.

These and more can be purchased directly from the company’s website at

A distributor of top-of-the-line DJ equipment, Chicago-based carries products from Pioneer, Sennheiser, Korg, Sony, and other leading manufacturers. Audio and recording equipment, lighting, instruments, cables, and storage systems are also available, stocked in a 25,000 square foot facility. All products in the GearclubDirect catalog are available online, and are even used by high-profile DJs such as Chicago’s own Jr. Lopez, who recently endorsed the company.