Dan & Susie Romer

Child Star Harry Romer Scouted by ITV Show 'The Voice Kids' Set to Air Mid-July


Bath, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2018 --Dan & Susie Romer, and their 7 kids [Georgia, Lily, Harry, Charles, Carmel, Jack and Titus] recently moved back from America to their homeland UK, and have made a splash in the music world, business world and also as influencers in spiritual things and church life. Harry Romer was recently scouted by ITV show 'The Voice Kids' set to air later this month.

Dan and Susie have always traveled a lot with their kids, and home-educated to create a family culture of entrepreneurship and adventure. They definitely don't conform to cultural norms and are known to think outside the box.

They lived in the US for 14 years, which grew in them a strong sense of passion and interest in creating new businesses and social ventures. Numerous opportunities have opened up for them now they are back in the UK. They have been approached by businesses to promote product lines, from clothing to domestic appliances to vehicles. They've turned down several opportunities as they consider the way forward and what's the best next step for their family.

Everywhere they go they attract a lot of interest, driving in their long wheelbase red Landrover Defender, with bull-bar and safari lights. They are always seen enjoying life together. Walking into restaurants as a family of 9 always causes heads to turn as people wonder if they are a music band, a school group or a team of media influencers. Yes to all three. 

One of the more recent doors that have opened is when Harry [14] was scouted by the famous ITV show 'The Voice Kids UK' which is now airing in mid-July. The show starts on 14th July and runs through to the live finals on 21st July. This will not be a show to be missed.


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