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Children of the Badjado Tribe Face Disease and Infection

Photographer David Murphey travels to Barra, Philippines documenting the living conditions of the Badjado Tribe.


Barra, Philippines -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2018 --Photographer David Murphey has released a portfolio of photographs documenting the living conditions of the Badjado Tribe in Barra, Philippines.

The Badjao, like many of the Philippines' indigenous peoples are a neglected tribe. They're commonly referred to as "sea gypsies" because they live and fish in coastal areas. The Badjao live in extreme poverty, beyond the reach of state assistance due to their nomadic lifestyle.

The village of Barra has a single well, but the water is polluted and undrinkable. The children rarely bathe and poor sanitation contributes to the spread of diseases. Infections are left unchecked.

"I'm hoping this portfolio will bring awareness to the plight Badjado Tribe" says David. "At least half of the children I saw had open wounds and sores. It's heartbreaking."

The portfolio is now online at http://www.davidmurphey.com/project/children-badjao-tribe/.

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