Children's Imaginations Redefining Yoga


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2017 --Scoria's unique biodegradable cork yoga mats and recycled leggings just launched on Kickstarter. Designed to emulate childlike imagination, Scoria's yoga mats and leggings aim to help yogis rediscover more than just the body; Scoria will help yoga practitioners rediscover their true creative and imaginative selves, taking their yoga practice to a world of magic and wonder.

Scoria's unique products are designed by an art teacher and passionate yogi who rediscovered her true personality through observing the creativity of children. "Growing up, I believe I've always been creative. But, in University, something felt missing. Even though I was studying in the creative field of fashion, during University I felt like a part of me has started to get lost in rules, structures, while trying to belong in an industry that cared a lot about what's on the surface and the next trend," said Yara Kamal, Founder of Scoria

Kamal aimed to inspire others through creating both a movement and a collection of clothing. The line has since transformed and evolved to include yoga gear and active wear that allows customers to connect with their mind and imagination while on the mat.

The yoga mats come in three available designs, each telling a different story. The cork top of the yoga mat is perfect for any yoga practice; it is anti-microbial, non-slip and durable. The bottom of the yoga mat is made from a natural high-quality rubber. The leggings are made in Canada and are created from 86-percent recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles to help care for our environment.

In addition to benefiting the environment, Scoria's products also aim to help the global community. Every pledge of $25 CAD or more gives six nutritious meals to a hungry child in partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere.

Scoria's Kickstarter campaign launched March 29 and has already generated over $4,700 towards its goal of $9,950, which must be reached by April 28. The funds will be used to fund the first round of production to bring the products to market as quickly as possible. Additional funding beyond the campaign's goals will be used to expand the women's clothing line and introduce a men's line.

About Scoria
Scoria is a yoga and lounge brand inspired by children's imaginations to help customers achieve a more playful practice. Based in Toronto, Canada, Scoria was founded by a young art teacher and a Fashion Communications graduate from Ryerson University.