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Child's Room Decal Launched on Amazon to Make a Cozy Home a 'Grateful Home'

Los Angeles-based startup, Grateful Home, launches limited print wall decal by Santa Fe artist, Gloria Blumfeld. A good-natured romp through Disney-like wonder, the wall accessory proves a must-have for any small child’s room.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2015 --Created to make a child feel like they're roomies with Bambi and his pals, a new wall decal makes its way to Amazon. Designed by Santa Fe artist Gloria Blumfeld, the mural is limited edition rendering of what a day-in-the-life of a Disney character might look like. Marrying animation to landscape art, two deer share the shade of a swaying tree filled with owls and butterflies. Firmly planted in a field of grass, with leaves falling and birds "chirping", the accessory makes one wish they were a kid again.

Brought to market by Grateful Home, the wall sticker is easily attached to most any kind of wall by gently rubbing onto the surface. Inspiring creativity the nursery decal allows consumers to be their own artist. They can participate in the design by artfully placing leaves and animals wherever they flow best given the room's orientation.

Sophie Webb, president of Grateful Home said of the fun that can be had when putting up baby decorations, "Tree wall stickers are all about customization. You can make the design your own by placing the leaves, deer, birds and butterflies wherever you and your child think they look best. It's precious memories in the making if you think about it."

Lending itself to iconic Disney wall decals that are so beloved, the nursery decoration is 5 feet 6 inches square. Colorfully stimulating for children the wall sticker is easily removed with no damage to the wall.

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About Grateful Home
Grateful Home is based in Los Angeles, California and provides the marketplace with wall decor for children's rooms. Their flagship product, a limited edition nursery decal, was recently launched on Amazon.

Sophie Webb
President, Grateful Home


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