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Chill-Proof Solutions with Custom Tapes from Phoenix Tape & Supply


Oradell, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2024 --Depending on where a business is located, the packages that they send out will, at some point, encounter temperatures that are near or below freezing. Knowing how to handle these temperatures with custom printed tapes is important. Phoenix Tape & Supply offers several different kinds of custom tapes for a variety of applications, but dealing with the cold can sometimes present challenges. They can show clients how to use their regular custom tape in these cases, as well as the option of a hi-tack freezer tape for other applications.

All tape has an adhesive portion to it that makes it stick to whatever it is applied to. In most cases, this adhesive needs to be used at a range of indoor room temperatures in order to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. As the temperature goes down, this adhesive is less and less effective, to the point where it won't work at all when initially applied. However, when applied at the right temperature and allowed the chance to really bond with the material it is applied to, the adhesives will continue to hold as temperatures go down.

Applying regular custom printed tape in cold conditions, say at 30 degrees, doesn't really work because the adhesive is too cold to properly hold to the material it is applied to. But, in most cases, if applied at the right temperature range, the custom printed tape will hold in colder conditions for a while, such as when being delivered to clients.

Along with the range of custom printed tapes they offer hi-tack freezer tape which has a more unique adhesive to it. This means that clients can apply this custom low temperature tape in lower temperatures, and it will adhere properly to the material it was used on. Additionally, these packages can be stored for longer periods of time in cold conditions, such as a freezer, without losing the adhesive integrity. This means packages stay sealed until they are purposefully opened by customers.

Many organizations choose to use this custom low temperature tape with their packages because they want them to remain sealed as they travel through areas that have lower temperatures, such as northern climates, or they know that their packages will be kept in cold rooms like freezers. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, they offer a variety of custom printed tapes that will suit nearly any need. Contact their team today to get more details and start an order for custom printed tape and custom low temperature tape.

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