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China Prize Game Machine Leader SeasonPrize Unveiled New Atmosphere System in 2021 Import& Export International Fair

The industry referent Season Amusement took part in the 2021 China Import & Export Fair and set the new standards in the prize machines field.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2021 --Season Amusement Co. Ltd, the leading Chinese prize machine manufacturer, has taken part in the 2021 China Import & Export Fair Complex between May 10th - 12th. As a pioneer in manufacturing coin-operated game machines, Season Amusement unveiled the latest innovative technology known as the Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System and continues to revolutionize entertainment to a higher level.

2021 Import& Export International Fair
As an international complex, the 2021 China Import & Export Fair was held on May 10th-12th in Guangzhou China Foreign Trade Centre. It is the most authoritative and influential exhibition in the industry. During May 10th-12th, 2021 China Import & Export Fair exhibited over 150,000 quality Chinese products and overseas commodities.

The 2021 Import & Export International Fair has provided an opportunity for the enterprise to develop business and find suppliers and distributors. The most advanced and innovative Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System from Season Amusement was presented to the influential fair.

Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System of SeasonPrize
The Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System was the best seller of Season Amusement in the 2021 Import& Export International Fair, which attracted many participants to consult at the event. It consists of not a standalone prize machine. Instead, the Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System was designed to be lived as an overall immersive experience with custom reacting lights, involving sounds and electricity effects that surpass the confinements of a single machine. Testing phase feedback was summarized by early users as:

"Being transported to another place where you lose track of time. A truly amazing and unique immerse experience."

The Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System is truly a full-fledged entertainment system that helps to create more interaction opportunities with the players. During non-busy days, when operators need to attract the flows, operators can start the small games via the Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System. What is more, the system can connect all the prize machines in the same LAN and change all machine settings or check accounts so that operators don't need to check the machine status one by one. In this regard, it is an all-in-one solution with a cost-effective feature.

Seeing the booming development of the prize machine market, Season Amusement will be devoted great efforts and budget to R&D. The company representative stated:

"To be on the top of the field, you cannot afford not to continuously research and understand the latest trends, hypes, and technologies as well. That's why we invented the Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System."

The key to having grown into an industry leader in only ten years was leveraged on the high-quality standards implemented in machine production. The Season Amusement has the infrastructure to allocate purchase orders of any size with timely deliveries. What is more, the inspection and maintenance team ensure machines will keep generating everlasting profit for the operator. Season Amusement also has more than a dozen industry certifications that verify and stand for all the above mentioned. On top of that, they also understand the revenue aspect of the operator's business, designing every game to ensure a consistent and profitable revenue stream for them.

From traditional claw machines to the innovative Pink Date claw crane machine, all products of Season Amusement have a very attractive and unique essence. On purpose, their designs for the new season will be characterized by a refreshing retro vibe with futuristic aesthetics, a synth-wave techy style with neon lights that will make sure everyone wants to interact with them.

The Best Sale Prize Machine
In addition to the Coustic & Photoelectric Atmosphere System, there will also be some of the best sale prize machines of Season Amusement. Let's explore them a little bit:

1. Pink Date Claw Crane Machine

- Pink Date Claw Crane Machine Detail
1. 7075 aero aluminum and 304 stainless steel
2. High precision machine addition
3. High carbide cutting edge
4. 210,000 times of trouble-free stable operation
5. Matching multi-angle spotlights
6. 1800K color temperature, 2500 lumens, Ultra-low color fading
7. Let the beautiful gifts become more dazzling, stimulate players to desire to get them

- Pink Date Claw Crane Machine Application
1. Cinemas
2. Amusement Parks
3. Game Halls
4. Carnival Stalls
5. Other Prosperous Places

2. Scissors Machine

- Scissors Machine Detail
1. Unique asymmetric design
2. The large internal space makes it not limited to large dolls.
3. Stable cutting system makes the player feel real, industrial-grade linear guide rail and stepper motor

- Scissors Machine Application
1. Major Hotels
2. Clubs, Cinema
3. Bowling Alleys
4. Night Clubs
5. Resorts
6. All Commercial Venues

About Season Amusement Co. Ltd.
Season Amusement was founded in 2009. The vision of Season Amusement is always consisted of developing the best gaming equipment for third party operators, bringing the highest area effectiveness to the prize machines industry. The machines are highly customizable with designer logos, colors, and features to create the exact customer experience the operators (season's clients) desire.

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