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Chinese Electronic Lockers Manufacturer to Make No-Contact Delivery During the Pandemic


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2020 --The current situation is critical. The new coronavirus has been conquering Europe as numerous people are affected by the pandemic and millions of people have to stay at home for home isolation. Seeing the confirmed cases of coronavirus increasing each day, there is growing concerns on whether the global logistic will suffer the massive shock which may cause postal offices and courier companies redundant.

The truth seems more desperate at the moment, a Japanese driver who served at a delivery service company was announced to contract the new COVID-19 when an employee from Amazon in Seattle was claimed to test positive for the new virus.

After the increasing confirmed cases within a month, the concern of some merchants who massively rely on e-commerce via the Internet is also growing. However, there is no need to worry about the shipment.

Michael Merson, one of the special advisers from the New York University School of Global Public Health, claimed that there is no evidence shows that the virus will be spread throughout the express delivery industry. The relief was strengthened when the president of Dongcheng Electronic emphasized the security of the parcel lockers and stressed that the pursuit of quality is always the priority for the Chinese leading smart locker supplier. "With our electric locker system, people can access their parcels or packages freely and safely, and you don't be afraid of the physical contact by our lockers because there wouldn't be any", he said to the press. "It's important to be alert but there is no need of being panic."

E-commerce is massively growing in 2020. As people are not able to go to crowded places like markets or grocery stores to obligate the self-isolation, online shopping becomes the most practical option for everyone who would like to purchase goods in need. But since the new coronavirus shut most of the logistic channels down, how to deliver the parcels on time has become a real problem.

Reassuringly, Dongcheng Electronic has the various application of smart lockers, including parcel locker, refrigerator locker, and food warm locker, enables individuals to freely access the goods they order online. The president mentioned that all of the smart lockers are equipped with the innovative high-tech system to support users fully engaged in the interactions with lockers.

Dongcheng Electronic successfully applied its technology in its showcases. The last mile delivery used to be a puzzle for both shippers and receivers in terms of collecting parcels as some may run into package missing issues. However, with the assistance of Dongcheng Electronic on smartly storing parcels, convenience is basically about solving the dilemma of whether people should wait for the parcel to arrive for a long time and should both sides (postman and customer) make too much contact during the outbreak of virus pandemic. Imagine when the postman collects the parcel sent by the online seller and deliver the parcel immediately to the parcel locker nearby by the receiver's address. When the logistic process is over, the postman only needs to text the receiver to inform the specific number of the box until customers manage to collect their parcels.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 accelerated the delivery service industry and there is no doubt that Dongcheng Electronic will play an important role in it. With the innovative technology and artificial intelligence from Dongcheng Electronic itself that applied to smart locker systems, customers for the parcel lockers are believed to realize how necessary and satisfactory the lockers would help with their consumers soon.