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Chinese LED Industry Leader Refond, Will Be Attending Shanghai's International Auto Lamp Exhibition Next June

Refond, known for providing mini-LED solution for several industries, keeps leading the race. In this opportunity, Refond will be participating in several iconic industry-related events.


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2021 --The Chinese optoelectronics giant, Refond, will be attending the 16th Auto Lamp Industry Development Technical Forum and the 7th Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition (ALE), which take place between the 3rd and 4th of June 2021. After that, Refond will be also presenting in a third relevant event known as the International Forum on Automotive Lighting (IFAL), taking place in China between June 16th and 18th, 2021.

ALE & IFAL 2021
ALE (Technical forum for the development of the auto lamp industry and the Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition) is the most authoritative and influential event in the industry. The International Forum on Automotive Lighting (IFAL) is another platform for technological innovation and industrial exchanges. Each year, both significant events will gather the LED manufacturers worldwide to discuss automotive lighting system, flexible LED strips light, product manufacturing, advanced LED technology applications, and future development trends.

This year, ALE and IFAL will be unveiled at an unprecedented scale, fully showing the latest technology and innovation achievements in professional fields such as audio-visual smart lighting solution, automotive lighting system, LED display, and leading the new trend of the global LED display industry in a new manner.

ALE and IFAL will both take LED screen display as a carrier to create an ecological industry chain integrating the traditional auto lamp to the smart automotive lighting system.The most advanced and innovative mini-LED backlight and mini-LED screen from Refond are presented to the two influential events.

Refond's mini-LED solution can vividly present more colorful content and become a helpful tool to create a more dynamic atmosphere. For Refond's micro-LED backlight, it has higher reliability. The mini-LED backlight of Refond offers more uniform lights. In addition, it is dots-free and has linear emitting performance.

As for the mini-LED screen products, it is high quality product with excellent uniformity and color consistency. What is more, it supports customization for different scenarios. In this regard, Refond provides professional automotive lighting system design case by case. The wide array of products also incorporates economic LED strips, LED optical sensors, indication Chip LED, IoT smart lighting, along with 5G products. These are something with a solid presence on their upcoming pipeline. Refond has the LED industry's future in its present hands.

Their presence in those point-turning events will not only be confined to showcase their new products and their star items: mini-LED backlight and mini-LED screen display. But they will also provide their unique industry insight and market overview for 2021.

Besides sustaining their leadership with the versatile, mini-LED lighting system, in the events, they will also be presenting to the public their new line of full-color flexible LED. Everywhere a car needs a flexible LED product, Refond has already mastered it. Interior and exterior signaling, and lightning devices are all covered with Refond's state-of-the-art automotive LED light.

About Refond
Refond is a renowned mini-LED manufacturer and global supplier. It is highly recognized for its flexible LED strip solutions. Their edges rely on state-of-the-art research and development along with production processes under the highest quality standards. In their mission to enrich human life through technology and innovation, they have mastered their products for several sub-industries and real-life applications: Indoor LED, Outdoor LED, and Commercial LED.

Refond also assists with their advanced products in many other areas, being the best partner and supplier for potentially thousands of companies worldwide. Such areas include home appliances industry, backlight solutions for TV manufacturers, automotive efficient lighting, home decoration companies, invisible (UV and IR light), flexible LED strips, and even specialized lighting for horticulture.

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