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Chinese Medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammation Pill Treats Epididymitis More Safely and Effectively Than Antibiotics

As one of the male’s enemies, epididymitis will no longer be an excruciating condition since it can be treated more safely and effectively by Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill than antibiotics.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2017 --Though the rise of drug-resistant bacterial superbugs have been a concern of public health officials for years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a worse-case scenario — a woman with a bacterial infection that was resistant to all FDA-approved treatments. A Nevada woman died in September after being infected with a drug-resistant bacterium, Klebsiella pneumonaiae, that was resistant to all antibiotics available in the U.S., the CDC reported on Friday.

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According to this news, drug resistance may be a deadly side effect of antibiotics. No matter how efficient an antibiotic is at killing bacteria, new drugs will be needed as the bacteria mutate and grow more resistant to the existing drugs. However, the number of drug applications for novel antibiotics being developed by pharmaceutical companies have been dropping steadily over the last three decades, according to the CDC. That is to say, the development of new drugs can not keep up with the growth of resistant bacteria as well as the speed of new diagnostic tests to track the development of resistance.

To ensure a timely and safe treatment, patients with a bacterial infection like epididymitis need to take a different medication. There is a Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to treat epididymitis completely without side effects. It's authorized by State Intellectual Property Office of China with the patent number 200910157894 http://www.sipo.gov.cn. "The complete formula is based on years of scientific research on male reproductive system diseases, it's a safe and directed cure for epididymitis," says Dr. Lee, the inventor of this workable medicine. Dr. Lee is the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, she has more than 30 years of experience on treating male reproductive and urinary system diseases. And most of epididymitis patients have come back to their normal life with the help of Dr. Lee.

Chinese medicine has been used in medical practice for more than 2,500 years in China. It is primarily used as a complementary alternative medicine approach. As it belongs to TCM, the formula of this medicine is in the basis of a scientific medical system. In the 21st century, it is still widely used in China and is becoming increasingly prevalent in Europe and North America. More and more people have known and accepted this medication treatment.

As a Chinese medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made from more than 50 kinds of natural herbs which work together to strengthen the abilities of eliminating the symptoms and removing the inflammation. TCM holds a view that "No obstruction no pain, and vice versa," which means the pain is caused by the blocked blood and Qi. As a disease with noticeable symptoms, epididymitis can cause scrotal pain and swelling, testicular pain and tenderness. The pain will be exacerbated if a patient sits for a long time. This herbal medicine contains herbs like angelica sinensis, saffron, semen persicae, and radix paeoniae rubra, which have the properties of improving blood and Qi flow so as to alleviate the pain. Talcum, antago seed, dianthus superbus, and polygonum aviculare help to induce diuresis to relieve stranguria so that the urinary symptoms like frequent and painful urination can be cured. Other natural herbs include houttuynia cordata, scutellaria baicalensis, honeysuckle, which have powerful antibacterial effect to wipe out pathogenic bacteria like E. coli, chlamydia, gonococcus, etc. As epididymitis is commonly caused by a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted disease, the root causes can be eliminated to prevent from a relapse.

"I had epididymitis for over 3 years, antibiotics couldn't help me but brought kidney disease to me. My pain got severer and it's hard for me to keep a long periods of sitting and standing. Luckily, my condition was improved greatly after taking this herbal pill for two months. And all my symptoms and infection were cured fully with one more month medication. I want to say big thanks to Dr. Lee."

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"Chinese medicine is based on the combination of ancient and modern healing system. As the development of the medicine, the medical strategies by using Chinese medicine for treating diseases are becoming more and more advanced and prevalent. It's a new trend for maintaining human health," says Dr. Lee.