Local Businesses Seek to Source Chinese Tea Direct from China


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 --Coffee has always been the most popular beverage in many Western countries, but industry experts say that change is brewing. According to the Tea Association of USA, consumers are seeking out unique and exotic teas and expect annual increases between 10-15%. Given this trend, more and more tea serving businesses, including hotels, restaurants and cafes are seeking to source Chinese tea direct from China.

"One major reason for businesses to source tea directly from Chinese farmers is because they want to offer something unique that is not yet locally available," says Lisa Lin, tea industry analyst at Teasenz. By having something unique to offer, cafes, hotels and restaurants are able to serve a cup of tea at 30% higher retail prices. "However, sourcing from China has traditionally never been easy with cultural and language barriers being the first to overcome," says Lin.

Teasenz is an online tea supplier based in China that helps worldwide business source teas direct from China. "We want to make authentic Chinese teas available to the world and remove all the hurdles to achieve this goal," says Lin. By having a multilingual team with strong knowledge about the rising beverage, Teasenz is ready to serve international customers. Besides improving the accessibility to specialty teas, the online supplier actually also allows buyers and end consumers to avoid the high premiums that local importing companies are charging.

Lin says that the future looks bright for Chinese tea, as more and more academic studies are confirming its health benefits. According to the company, the main challenge lies in educating the customer to look beyond the health benefits by offering information about the background of specific teas and educational content on how to get the best cup out of the delicate leaves.