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Chiropractor in Fort Worth, TX Helps Patients Suffering from Neck and Back Pain with Innovative Technique

Dr. Michlin of Back To Health Family Chiropractic provides non-invasive atlas orthogonal adjusting technique to treat pain


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --Spinal misalignment is the source of numerous significant health problems and research shows that misalignment can in some cases be attributed to the atlas vertebra. The atlas vertebra is the top cervical bone of the neck. It is considered the most important vertebra in the chain of vertebrae along the spine. If the atlas vertebra is twisted, then each vertebra down will continue to follow in a turn. Naturally, muscles in the back begin to compensate, the spine then shifts, and the nervous system is compromised. Dr. Michlin, an experienced Fort Worth chiropractor and the only Board Certified Atlas Orthgonist in North Texas, understands the pain that patients feel and utilizes the atlas orthogonal technique to properly align the spine.

At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, complete health and comfort is priority. By treating the source of the problem in the body, patients can and do experience more comfort in their everyday lives, and Dr. Michlin successfully helps patients eventually achieve pain-free lifestyles. Through thorough evaluations, he can analyze information and provide treatment that is customized to each patient. He begins with x-rays, which show very precisely the positioning of the atlas vertebra. After discussing health history, symptoms, and/or injuries, he generates a treatment plan.

The initial x-ray is pertinent in determining the specific treatment. By seeing exactly how the atlas has been altered within the x-ray, Dr. Michlin can better diagnose and correct the atlas and thereby treat the source of the problem. Dr. Michlin measures the x-rays by a hundred degrees for a precise adjustment. Our eyes and ears are our balance centers, and they need to be level with the horizon. If the atlas is out of place, the body compensates to keep the head centered. In so doing, the spine begins to twist and as muscles adapt. As a result, nerves are pinched and muscles are tight and tense. By using the Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument, the atlas is realigned through a gentle, specific, and reproducible adjustment.

Misalignment of the spine, as a result of a displaced atlas vertebra, causes impingement and inflammation on the nervous system. The disruption in the nervous system can also lead to a variety of other aches and pains throughout the body, as well as bodily system breakdowns. The atlas orthogonal technique is the most effective way Dr. Michlin helps patients achieve a properly aligned body and patients can feel dramatic results from atlas orthogonal adjustments.

About Dr. Chris Michlin
A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Chris Michlin implements the complete chiropractic care system at Back to Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, Texas. He has helped patients achieve better health and comfort since 1991. He is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in the North Texas area. Dr. Michlin had the privilege to have been trained by Dr. Roy Sweat, who is the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument and known worldwide as an authority on the cervical spine. Back To Health Family Chiropractic is family owned and operated. Dr. Michlin, Nancy Michlin, his wife and the clinic CEO, and their team continue to happily assist patients in Fort Worth and surrounding areas in achieving happier, healthier, and pain free lifestyles.

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