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Car Accident Chiropractor Dr. Kris Dorken, Recommends Prompt Treatment After Auto Accident


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 --Chiropractor Dr. Kris Dorken, DC, CACCP, is concerned that many people do not understand they may be risking future health problems by failure to consult a chiropractor quickly after an auto accident. Many believe they are fine and resume their regular activities at work and sports. What they may not realize is that it is possible for damage to occur in the neck and spinal column that can cause future problems, from car accidents going under ten miles per hour.

Dr. Dorken, chiropractor Toronto, recommends being checked by a chiropractor within 24 to 48 hours after an accident for underlying injury and of course, to visit the primary physician immediately if a fracture or broken bones are suspected.

One of the most damaging effects of a car accident can be whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden jarring motion of the head is sustained backward, forward or even to the side. This can destabilize the spine and result in blurred vision, neck pain, headaches, dizziness and other problems. Early care and treatment can produce full healing and a quick recovery. Car crashes that seem really minor, with limited damage to the car, can cause serious injury to the driver and passengers.

A car accident chiropractor is specialized in helping with several auto-related accident injuries by reducing pain caused by muscle and joint irritation or whiplash and restoring mobility before stiffness sets in. Auto accidents leave many people sore and shaken after a crash and a chiropractor can help prevent further damage by stabilizing the neck and spine.

Chiropractic rehabilitation after an accident can return the patient's body back to where it should be and prevent any long term injury in the future.

About Core Wellness Centre
Core Wellness Centre ( offers services to complement auto accident injuries:

- Massage therapy. Core Wellness Centre has registered massage specialists highly trained to work in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments
- Cold laser therapy. This is also called low level therapy and has been proven helpful alongside chiropractic care to ease chronic back pain, arthritis and neck pain.
- Gentle chiropractic treatment for babies and children. Dr. Kris Dorken is a certified chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
- Corrective Exercise Program. All patients are shown specific exercises to promote healing.
- In-house X-rays. If x-rays are required, they can be done quickly in the comfort of the chiropractic office.

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