Chocoffy - Chocolate Will Never Be the Same Again

Local artisan chocolatier barbara finch is set to revolutionize the way americans experience chocolate.


Hampstead, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2018 --Barbara Finch, local entrepreneur and celebrated chocolatier, has unveiled exciting new plans to expand production at her present chocolate company - My Favorite Chocolate. By Summer 2018, with the aid of a crowdfunding campaign which is currently running on Kickstarter, she is set to bring her game-changing chocolate to the masses by building a cooling tunnel for her business. This will allow My Favorite Chocolate to ramp up production of beloved New Hampshire confection, Chocoffy - a rich, sumptuous, decadent treat that combines premium coffee with award winning chocolate.

Game-changing Chocolate? Yes, it's true!

According to government statistics, Americans drink, on average, 2.6 cups of coffee a day. We also consume half an ounce or more of chocolate per day. So what happens when an ingenious chocolatier combines the nation's favorite beverage with the nation's favorite confection? You get Chocoffy, that's what.

"It wasn't long after I introduced Chocoffy that I realized I had something special. People who tried it absolutely loved it, and now, the equipment I have can barely keep up with demand. To make Chocoffy in higher volume, I need to modernize My Favorite Chocolate's cooling process so that I can deliver this exciting new chocolate experience to the masses without sacrificing quality and consistency."

Finch has developed her own exclusive method of blending, roasting and grinding select, premium coffee beans. She then adds the right amount of this mixture to her own chocolate to create the Chocoffy taste sensation.

About My Favorite Chocolate
My Favorite Chocolate is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Barbara Finch who had her first experience in the chocolate business in Utica, New York in the 1980s.

After a stellar 30-year long career in sales and marketing, Finch decided it was time to go into business for herself. With profound business acumen and a passion for luxury confectionary, My Favorite Chocolate was born.

For several years, Finch offered the people of New Hampshire the chance to enjoy premium chocolate bars in three different sizes in white, milk and dark chocolate. Chocoffy is now Finch's latest creation, with a variety of bar sizes and novelty shapes available.

Already supplying local businesses and packaging her chocolate bars in custom wrapping for marketing and events, Finch is set to change the way Americans enjoy chocolate with help from her Kickstarter campaign.