CHOETECH Launches PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad Enabling Wireless Charging at Different Angles

Having a functional and reliable wireless charger is a must. CHOETECH take it to the next level with their recently released new PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung, iPhones, and other smartphone choices, that allows charging at any angle.


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2018 --Electronic device company CHOETECH are breaking new ground. After a great deal of research and development, the company has celebrated the launch of their latest electronic accessory the CHOETECH PowerDual iPhone Wireless Charger which is the first on the market to use 5 coils for extra-fast charging of multiple devices, at a full 360 degree angle, meaning no need to balance smartphones in special positions near it, the charger works regardless. In addition, the new CHOETECH product also serves as a wireless charger for iPhone xs Max, a wireless charger for Samsung, all with the same quickness, convenience, and lack of need to suspend devices around it in any way. All positions will work to charge and the frustrations of using current wireless chargers where the smartphone must be placed in a hard-to-find "sweet spot" to actually work is gone forever. Naturally, the enthusiasm surrounding the breakthrough 5 coils dual fast wireless charger is high, especially with the news Apple has seemed to make little progress with their own "AirPower" system, which was expected in 2018, and at best delayed, with some reporting it has been suspended completely.

"We saw a real need for a more functional wireless charger, free from the headaches of using existing choices," commented a spokesperson from CHOETECH. "The solution we came up with is definitely a powerful one and the first of its kind. Our CHOETECH PowerDual iPhone Wireless Charger charges smartphones at an extremely quick speed first off, which is quite important, but it also has many other innovations not on the market before, with 5 coils and especially the ability to charge devices from any angle."

According to the company, the iPhone wireless charger is built to the highest standards, but CHOETECH is also making every effort to keep the price point as cost-effective as possible, making it not just affordable personally, but also a good gift choice just in time for the holiday season. To make a purchase even more appealing CHOETECH are even offering the wireless charger for Samsung and iPhone available shipped worldwide for early bird just $35.99. There are few limits to the people who would appreciate a charger that works from any angle and direction, for multiple devices, so CHOETECH is sure to make it on many Christmas gift lists this year.

The PowerDual features a specially designed PU leather no-slip surface, delivering less of a chance of it being knocked to the floor and damaged on one hand and also looking very slick and stylish on the other.

It is both lightweight and portable and uses a USB-C input as its power source.

With so many breakthroughs in the new device sales are sure to be high and customers are recommended to order quickly to be sure it remains in stock.

Customer feedback for the CHOETECH PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger has been remarkably positive across the board.

Christine S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, "I use my CHOETECH PowerDual Wireless Charger for iPhone xs Max charging, while my boyfriend uses it as a wireless charger for Samsung devices since he has two Samsung smartphones. It works great with both brands and we no longer have to drive ourselves crazy getting a charger to charger, this works with our phones at any angle. I fully recommend the 5 coils dual fast wireless charger for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive way to keep their smartphone charged. Don't miss out."

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