Choose 3DPageflip as 3D eBook Solution and Never Fall Behind


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2013 --All those who are familiar with flipbooks will know what a boon they are. The 3D features of sophisticated and updated 3Debook solution providers make turning pages and viewing images, videos and presentations seem like a real experience. Who would have thought that turning pages in computer would look and seem so real, as if who is really turning the pages of a book? Not only that, various advanced and technologically updated solutions make it a lot easier for publisher to handle pdf files and customize them according to specific need and taste.

One of the best in the page flip book creator services is 3DPageFlip. 3DPageFlip is known for its professional 3D eBook creation tools. They are extremely useful when it comes to converting boring pdf files into exciting and customized 3D eBooks. This feature is also available for other formats of documentations and as new types of files and formats are invented each day 3DPageFlip offers 3D customization options for each of them. This is so because the company aims to provide for the consumers who expect from them and hence come up with new tools and features that take care of their various personal and professional needs.

The advent of mobile phones and the fact that they have become much more than just phones these days, with professionals using them for various official and work related purposes, it is only reasonable that user should be able to access his flip book and its features on the iPhone or Android phones. Keeping this in mind, 3DPageFlip has come with an effective mobile version of the flip book where readers can flip and view pages in their phone, just the way they did in their computer. This means that they do not need to travel around with their laptop as long as they have the required Flash supported app installed in their phone!

Users can also publish flip books for their iPhone, Android, etc. Today online stores and e-commerce has become an effective form of business for those who want to reach out to the global consumer base. If one wants to attract the maximum possible attention to his/her e-commerce site then he/she can use the features of flipping book software, 3D features and pop-up characteristics in order to grab instant attention and increase number of clients. To sum it up, 3DPageFlip offers features that are definitely worth trying out.

About 3DPageFlip.com
3DPageFlip.com is a software business group which established in 2008 China. It offers many digital magazine software tools for office documents conversion. Besides, guaranteed pre-sale and after-sale services are provided. 3DPageflip software could be a wise choice for electronic publishers in different areas.