Rooshine, Inc. (RSAU)

Choose Rain, Inc Has Changed It's Name to Rooshine, Inc. and Its Symbol to RSAU


Ormond Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2017 --Choose Rain, Inc. (CHOS), announced today that it has changed it's name to Rooshine, Inc. and its symbol to RSAU.  This change initiates and is an integral part of the change of control announced February 28, 2017.  Under this Exclusive License and Change of Control Agreement, RooShine, Inc. has Exclusive rights to all Cloudburst's USA revenues from any Cloudburst products manufactured and/or sold in the USA.  These product sales will flow through RSAU with RSAU retaining a royalty of 10% of all revenues.  RSAU also announced in the February news release the signing of a Change of Control Agreement as RSAU debts are retired using funds from the License Agreement.

This name change is a part of the Change of Control Agreement.  Recognizing Rooshine's shift in emphasis away from bottled rainwater, RSAU has been concentrating on RooShine's Bespoke Spirits.  RooShine (a combination of KangaROO and MoonSHINE) reflects the Australian heritage of Cloudburst and their unique distilled products.  Other products will soon follow the introduction of RooShine's Bespokes Spirit brand.

"The beauty of the name change and the exclusive License Agreement rests with RSAU receiving the revenues and profits from all of Cloudburst's products sold or manufactured in the USA.  This will be used to retire RSAU's debts and to invest in other products." said Larry Curran, President and CEO of Rooshine, Inc.  "Repeating part of the last press release, RooShine has two links that pertain to their Bespoke Spirits: You can view RooShine's Product Brochure at: and RooShine's web site at:  For information on how to become a distributor or you have questions about RooShine please email:"

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Larry Curran, President and CEO
Choose Rain, Inc.
386-673-RAIN (7246)

Source: Uptick Newswire