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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution (TM) a Clinically-Proven CFS Cure

Can You Cure Your CFS Within 3-8 Weeks With Jennifer Nolan's System?


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2013 --For years, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) treatment was limited to a combination of prescription medications, sleeping pills, and energy supplements; that did not provide a cure for CFS but only dealt with the symptoms. Now, a new treatment system is taking the medical world by storm: the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution (TM), pioneered by Jennifer Nolan (health consultant, bio-medical researcher and former CFS sufferer).

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a debilitating condition. Sufferers are agonized by chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, apathy, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping, and un-refreshing sleep. Physical activity results in muscle pains and intense lethargy, and social events are tremendously draining. Patients not only suffer physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Friends and family of CFS patients often do not understand the condition, and tend to disregard it. They may think that the sufferer is simply being lazy and moody, and not realize that they are suffering from a clinically severe condition. To make matters worse, many health professionals are not trained when it comes to CFS, and tend to treat the symptoms in isolation. This is what Jennifer Nolan went through when she herself fell victim to the condition.

However, being a health professional herself, she knew that there had to be a cure. After 5 years of back-breaking research and lots of trial-and-error, Nolan finally pieced together a step-by-step system that cured her of CFS and has now been used by thousands of sufferers worldwide. And the secret did not lie in some drug combination - "my system is completely natural and takes a holistic approach at curing chronic fatigue syndrome from within", reports Nolan, "it is therefore completely safe and free of side effects".

Although the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution (TM) is not the only alternative CFS therapy in existence, it is the only one that is actually based on solid medical and scientific research, and is the only one that has been clinically proved to be effective at curing CFS permanently. In fact, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution cites over 40 medical publications, including studies published in British Journal of Sports Medicine, Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica, and the Journal of Affective Disorders. According to Nolan, "there is nothing mysterious about my system, it is simply an amalgamation of theoretical evidence and practical advice. CFS is like any other disorder - give the body what it needs, and it will get back in order, so to speak".

To raise awareness about the fact that CFS can actually be cured, earlier this year Nolan carried out a pro-bono intervention in over 80 long-term chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers. All reported better sleep, improved energy levels, and renewed mental focus in the very first week of treatment, and most (78 out of 82) reported a complete cure within 3 to 8 weeks of following the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution (TM).

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution (TM) has already been implemented in several holistic health clinics and Jennifer Nolan herself is offering 3 months of free private coaching to anyone who subscribes to her website at