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Chronovisor Is the Galaxy's Best Night Vision Watch


Hong Kong, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2017 --Chronovisor, the revolutionary new watch that combines groundbreaking technology with innovative design to create the easiest time reading instrument in the galaxy, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Chronovisor is based on the general and special theories of relativity, meaning time dilation can be caused by the speed and gravity. In the past few decades, many Velocity and Gravitational time dilation tests were completed & have proven that time travel is indeed possible. Inspired by the 'true story' of the Time Machine, which happened in Venice, Italy in 1950's, today, the Chronovisor ushers in an all new watch brand created by professionals who have been working in the horology industry for years.

"Chronovisor is the easiest time reading instrument in the darkness. Its hour indicator with self-powered gas tubes is the first and unique design found in watch industry," says Angela Li, CEO of Tri-concept Ltd., the makers of the watch. "Functionally, Chronovisor enables a perfect night reading capability to every user."

Every Chronovisor timepiece is equipped with self-powered gas tubes which enables night vision capabilities, even visible in the dead of space. Self-powered gastubes are a kind of Swiss illumination technology that puts a Tritium containing gas in tubes. A total of 5 self-powered gastubes are used for the hour indicator and minute hand of Chronovisor CVNM6102 that illuminates the watch face without requiring an external power supply or sunlight, capable of glowing for up to 25 years. Self-powered gastube excites the phosphor to emit light in different colors. The light is visible in both low light and complete darkness.

With its exquisite design, Chronovisor combines the sophistication of quality, originality, and wisdom to create a one of a kind conversational watch that will last for generations. After a year of development, the Chronovisor CVNM6102 is ready for consumers to take a journey through the galaxy.

"Chronovisor team is enthusiastic watchmaker and passionate about the craftsmanship of horological timepiece. We believe that good creativity and exquisite craftsmanship should not be constrained by the high cost or monopoly of large groups. Therefore we are committed to producing an innovative, high-quality and high-grade pricing at affordable & reasonable level."

The Chronovisor is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Inspired by the 'true story' of Time machine happened in Venice, Italy in 1950's, today a new Swiss watch brand, Chronovisor is created by a group of horological professionals who believe in Time travel, a cross over of modern and antiquated times - Every Chronovisor timepiece merges the old traditional craftsmanship with new advanced technology. With its innovative design, each Chronovisor is produced at highest quality standards.

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