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Chuck Mahoney Promoted to Construction Loan Officer at Park State Bank & Trust

Mahoney has 50 years of construction experience as he moves into the job of Construction Loan Officer ash Park State Bank & Trust in Woodland Park, Colorado


Woodland Park, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --Park State Bank & Trust (PSB&T) announced today that Chuck Mahoney was promoted to Construction Loan Officer at the bank. Mahoney formerly held the position of Assets Manager since 2013.

"As the construction loan officer with our PSB&T loan team, Mahoney will work with customers to provide specific loan services. Whether it be new construction or remodeling, plan review, budget assessment and borrower and project qualifications all fall within that officer's purview, stated Tony Perry, President and CEO of Park State Bank & Trust.

"Mahoney's responsibilities will first start with the initial contact with an interested customer. It is imperative that the bank understand specifically what the customer wants to accomplish. The next number of steps will involve everything from a standard loan application, gathering pertinent financial information and on to the plans and specifications including appraisals if necessary," explained Perry.

"The total of the information concerning the customer and the project is combined to deliver a profile that will determine if the construction proposed meets the banking guidelines for an acceptable risk to the bank and the customer," said Mahoney. "My goal as the new Construction Loan Officer is to provide customers with a loan for a construction project at a competitive rate. PSB&T offers the flexibility of our "one-step" type of loan that has a seamless transition from the construction loan to an initial mortgage with appealing rates."

"Some projects may require a site or building assessment. We are happy to function in a limited role in this context. Loan and funding oversight is a critical role we do fulfill. Working with the general contractors in processing the funding requests and performing regularly scheduled onsite inspections provide safeguards for our borrowers," continued Mahoney.

"PSB&T is a community bank, we are locally owned and staffed. We are invested in and focused on Woodland Park, Teller and Park counties primarily. I personally believe a bank can be a tremendous force for good in a community. Having been here for over 50 years and having the majority stockholder a member of the founding family, in my opinion gives PSB&T the place in our community as the proven "neighbor" who works for the success of each of our customers. My wife and I chose to live and raise our family here. I will respect and honor that same decision by those who would come the bank for what products and services we provide. I will use all the bank's resources, especially our "loan team" to do our part ensuring the success of our customers' construction projects," concluded Mahoney.

About Chuck Mahoney
Mahoney has 50 years of construction experience. He has been a General Contractor for over 30 years and retains his license for both commercial and residential contracting. Having operated successfully in the building industry from the other side of the "banking desk", Mahoney understand the construction process from the estimating, budgeting, contracts, scheduling side of the process.

As a 32-year resident of Woodland Park and Teller County Mahoney has observed many changes. Mahoney has been involved with numerous non-profit organizations through the years. Most recently he has served on the Board of Directors of the Ute Pass Saddle Club and is involved in their land purchase and site development of a new site and facility in Divide, Colorado.

It is his opinion that quality of life and all that is involved with that is still the main draw as to why so many want to invest their lives here. PSB&T can play, when needed, an important part in the fulfillment of certain dreams. Mahoney is humbled and honored to be a member of an organization that can make those dreams become a reality.

If you are interested in meeting Mahoney he can be reached at 719-687-9234 or you can stop by Park State Bank & Trust, located at 710 U.S. Hwy 24, Woodland Park, CO. Mahoney is available during bank hours.

About Park State Bank & Trust
Park State Bank & Trust has served customers and the community for more than 45 years.

"We have always been agile and responsive and our superior service is recognized as we listen and we serve. We are community bank proud," Perry said.

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