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Chuck No Risk Reveals Comparative Study of Reality vs. FIFA 19 Through Their App


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2018 --Chuck No Risk has recently reviewed FIFA 19 and revealed how it depicts reality closely. Their soon-to-be launched app will tell the ways in which makers have incorporated various aspects into creating this game more realistic.

The company has covered everything to provide avid gamers with a complete overview of this game. From infographic features to high-definition gameplay and player statistics, Chuck No Risk tells if the game has made a breakthrough in realistic gaming.

In comparison to its previous versions,FIFA 19 for the first time gives gamers the experience of playing with numerous Champions League clubs and players. This game features the official Champions League ball, anthem and various original stadiums, thus, taking one more step closer to making it more realistic.

People who swear by the new FIFA 19 game are invariably inveterate followers of the game in real-life. A great deal of importance is given on determining which team will win an upcoming match. Incidentally, predicting winners of Premier League matches is what Chuck No Risk does proficiently. A few specimens can be seen on their official YouTube channel.

Chuck No Risk has also taken a step into seeing if the game can actually predict the Champions League winner. According to a member of the company's reviewing board, "This game has not reached that level to be able to predict the winner. But the incorporation of real-time evaluations and thorough detailing of real-life matches into the game has enabled it to forecast one of the semi-finalists."

He further said, "With the help of past statistics, the prediction is almost 100% accurate as it is seen from the previous years of 2010-2018, the club with the majority of top 50 players reaches the semi-final."

The company also looks into if the game'splayer evaluations are close to real-life player strengths. Their soon-to-release Android app will give an overview into such player evaluations.

The game's developer, EA Sports has assigned specific attributes to each player and carries out manual revaluation of these characteristics periodically. This is to provide with precise statistics of an in-form or out of form player.

This company being a leading game and sports based website has given a complete synopsis of this video game. It will provide all this information and much more through its upcoming android application. Chuck No Risk also informs how the infographic changes and how various other added features have helped the game to come close to reality.

About Chuck No Risk
Chuck No Risk is a German game and sports reviewing agency with headquarters in Berlin. Primarily based on football, the company provides real-time score updates and reviews on games such as FIFA 19. The company also covers major football leagues like Bundesliga and La Liga and gives real-time updates on these matches. They recently started a YouTube channel giving actual time predictions of same day Premier League matches. All these information will be available to everyone through their new application soon to release.