CIDARIS, Inc. Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign for DIGIQUET


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2020 --CIDARIS, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its crowdfunding campaign for their new medical device DIGIQUETTM. DIGIQUET is the world's first and only adjustable finger tourniquet for use in emergency medicine, hospitals and industrial first aid.

Nearly 2 million people in the US visit the emergency department every year due to finger injuries including lacerations, abrasions, avulsions, crush injuries, fractures, burns, and even partial amputations. DIGIQUET is designed to help the first responder, ER nurse or trauma surgeon by stopping the blood flow so treatment can take place.

Designed and patented by a board-certified hand surgeon, DIGIQUET can be adjusted for pressure to decrease the chance of further damage to the finger. Kevin Desmond, EVP of Manufacturing, said, "What we want most is to get DIGIQUET in the hands of EMT/Paramedics, ER doctors and nurses, and all those who provide emergency treatment for bad fingertip accidents. That's why this crowdfunding campaign is so important. There is nothing like DIGIQUET anywhere."

The DIGIQUET crowding funding campaign is on Indiegogo and is open to all who would like to help. For an $85 contribution, CIDARIS will send one box of ten (10) DIGIQUET to the fire department, emergency room or urgent care clinic of your choice.

Crowdfunding Campaign Link:

CIDARIS, Inc.'s mission is to is to bring to market new and novel single-use medical device solutions for the treatment of upper and lower extremities. CIDARIS, Inc. is a North Carolina corporation with offices in High Point, NC, Washington, DC, and Boston, MA.