Launches the First Search Engine for Cigars Similar to Priceline, Compare Pricing, and Reviews from Top Online Cigar Retailers.

Your personal Cigar Search Comparison Website, Cigar Finder, offers users the ability to find their favorite cigars from many online retailers.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2022 --It is finally here! Search and compare Cigars and more with A personal Cigar Search Engine Cigar Finder offers users the ability to find cigars from many online retailers. Offering a fantastic filter function, users can filter search results by cigar brands, strengths, country, or origin from where the cigar is from, shape, size, pricing, and more. Cigar Finder is new the Priceline for Cigars.

Benefits of Cigar Finder:

-Search and compare tobacco-related items from many online retailers. Information is gathered daily from many cigar/tobacco-related e-commerce sites, combine them, and tailor it according to the users' search request.

-Once the user finds the desired items. Click on the "shop now" button which will take users to the retailer's website to complete the purchase.

-Once purchased, allow a few minutes for a confirmation email to arrive. There the user can view orders details and tracking information. Once the order arrives, simply CUT, LIGHT, AND ENJOY the delicious cigar.

Cigar Finder also help users locate Machine Made Cigars, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Cigar Accessories and More

Here are some FAQs from our users:

How Does Cigar Finder Work?
Cigar finder is a price comparison website that allows users to compare the prices of products from different tobacco-related stores. Instead of visiting every online store to compare prices availability and reviews, Cigar Finder offers comparison shopping on one webpage.

When using Cigars, results populated from advertisers and sellers who have chosen to feature their products on Cigar Finder. Offers on Cigar Finder are ranked based on relevance, including search terms and other search activities.

How does Cigar Finder Collect Information?
Like Google, Cigar Finder crawls online stores daily and fetches products, prices, reviews, and more. Ensure that identical products from different stores are combined on one page to compare the information.

Does Cigar Finder Sell Products?
No, Products are not sold on Cigar Finder. Information is collected and organized, and users will be redirected to the selected seller's website to complete the purchase.

How To Use Cigar Finder?
Search for a product on Cigar Finder, (Ex: Enter Padron or Liga Privada). Then use the filter functions to narrow down preferences by size, shape, strength, country, ratings, and more. Once the desired product is found, click the Shop Now button to be redirected to the preferred website to complete the purchase.

How to Advertise on Cigar Finder?
Information regarding how to join Cigar Finder please see Advertise with Us for more information.

About Cigar Finder
Shop deals on top cigar brands, cutters, humidors, lighters & more. Visit for daily cigar deals. The lowest prices are guaranteed by many online retailers. During the beginning of the 2019 pandemic when all local businesses were closed, many had the challenges of finding favorite cigars. Spending an entire day searching between many cigar online retailers for availability and pricing. Noticing there must be an easier way to search and compare cigars. Fast forward months later now available a platform just for cigars.