Circuit Armour: The Innovative Electronics Enclosure Kit and the Team Working to Bring It to the Market


Iowa City, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --So many budding electrical engineers struggle to take their projects to the next level, to elevate them from a neat looking idea on the drawing board to a viable work in progress, and finally, a finished article.

Now, a team of innovative designers and engineers from Iowa City are presenting a solution; something which will provide DIY electronics enthusiasts with a way to quickly, easily and safely ready their projects for completion.

Circuit Armour – designed and developed by Back 40 Engineering – is an innovative enclosure kit which offers a protoboard platform on which to base your electronics project, as well as a robust cover which fits over the protoboard and protects your project's wiring. This cover is available in three configurations: the first is unsealed, making it suitable for indoor or protected project areas; the second uses a sealed cover with an integrated 12-pin header; while the third option is completely sealed but can be modified by the user to fit their project-specific needs.

All three of Circuit Armour's options also feature a sealable base complete with integrated mounting brackets for wall-mounting, and sticker templates to allow you to personalize your unique project. The size and shape of the Circuit Armour cover also makes the kit compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero, Auduino Nano/Mini or Particle Photon/Electron.

The Circuit Armour product came about when a group of electrical engineering enthusiasts began to find it difficult to produce custom enclosures within their project budgets. Instead, they began to theorize a universal, off-the-shelf enclosure product that would help to make their projects – and those of others – a reality. Circuit Armour creator, Back 40 Engineering's Nick Achen, explains more;

"We found that either the enclosures required a lot of modification or they were very expensive," Nick said, "so at this point we switched gears and started working on an enclosure kit that would make prototyping easy, and your products look professional for an affordable price."

It will cost a further $35,000 to move Circuit Armour from the successful prototype stage to a full production run. To acquire this capital, Nick and the Back 40 Engineering team have turned to popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

By pledging money to the project, not only are you helping to bring this incredible product to market, you are also securing one piece from the product's first production run for yourself. To learn more about the project and to find out about the multiple reward levels offered by Back 40 Engineering to people who help them reach their total, visit the team's Kickstarter campaign page via this link: