CiSApp Expands Equity Crowdfunding Campaign in Response to Investor Demand

Crowdfunding Platform MicroVentures Increases Funding Limit to Accommodate Surges of New Capital.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2021 --CiSApp is a revolutionary social network network bringing blockchain to social media in delivering unprecedented privacy & transparency to users while empowering them to monetize their own content. CiSApp's business model is clearly resonating with investors seeking "the next big thing" in the massive social media space as they maxed out their original funding goal leading to the bar being raised to make way for new investments.

CiSApp is the latest example of "FOMO" driving investor behavior to get in ground floor on a game changer which is certainly understandable; CiSApp is beta-testing their platform loaded with impressive features such as:

- Privacy: CiSApp doesn't share user personal data for advertising or intrude on a user's personal privacy.

- No Fake Profiles: The CiSApp platform is being designed with verification functions for users to eliminate bots and fake accounts.

- Monetizing Content: Enable content creators to get paid for their own content, removing the middleman.

- Private Chat: It allows users to send self-destructing messages and these chats are confidential (restricted to the two ends of the conversation) these chat deletions can be scheduled for a future time (e.g., five minutes after messages are sent). Users can delete everything from their side, delete messages from the person they are speaking with, or delete all messages in the thread unilaterally. Additionally, CiSApp plans to build the chat with SHA 256-bit encryption.

It's no surprise that CisApp is listed as one of the 48 'Top Breakout Apps to Watch' by AppSamurai.

Everyone interested in this investment opportunity is invited to inspect this offering.

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