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City Hall Bed Bugs Are a Reminder to Not Let Down Your Guard

Recently, the City Hall in Richmond, VA was treated for bed bugs. This is a reminder that while bed bugs are less common in the colder seasons, they are still a serious threat that people should watch out for.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2015 --In October, bed bugs were found in a cubicle belonging to the Department of Information Technology in the City Hall of Richmond, VA. As a result, the city was forced to call in bed bug exterminators, meaning that much of the location was rendered unusable until the bed bug extermination process was complete. This is not the first time that this has happened, seeing as how there was a similar incident at around the same time in 2014.

According to Bobby Anderson, President of Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc., "This is a reminder that people shouldn't let down their guard even though the colder seasons have arrived." After all, he points out that while it is true that bed bugs slow down in colder weather, they can still survive significant exposure to freezing temperatures. As a result, it is still possible for them to spread from building to building via short trips clinging to unsuspecting travelers like in this case.

Fortunately, people can prevent the spread of bed bugs by inspecting their clothes and their luggage before returning home. However, even the best precautions can fail since no one can maintain 100 percent vigilance 100 percent of the time. When bed bugs are found, said individuals should not hesitate to contact bed bug exterminators such as Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc., who can provide them with an efficient and effective solution to their problems. Speed is particularly important both because it ensures a discrete operation and because it minimizes the occupants' loss of use of the infested building, meaning that they should not hesitate.

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