Classic and Elegant Claw-Foot Freestanding Baths Now Easier on the Budget at JT Spas


Larne, Northern Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2017 --When one talks about freestanding baths, the classic claw-footed bath often comes to mind. This design, after all, has been around for years, and is considered timeless and stylish. And at JT Spas, customers can choose from an extensive selection that is also budget-friendly.

For those who are looking for baths of any size, JT Spas has a broad range on offer at its own website. Customers can browse through a wide selection of baths, which range from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional. Speaking of classic and traditional, those who would like to give their bathrooms a more rustic, cosy, and comfortable look can take satisfaction from the fact that JT Spas offers a more diverse variety suited to their specific tastes and requirements.

Claw-foot baths are known for having a chic and elegant look which serves well as a focal point for any bathroom. Their design is very distinctive, and they are now designed to be more comfortable as well, with double-ended and single-ended designs available and with different sizes from which customers can choose. But at JT Spas, customers have the added advantage of choosing from a number of popular brands and manufacturers, such as Kensington, Grosvenor, Causeway, Moods Richmond, Phoenix, Royce Morgan, and more.

What's more, the freestanding claw-foot baths offered by JT Spas are also easier on anyone's budget, thanks to its partnership with the above-mentioned brands. One example of this is the Moods Richmond Double Ended Freestanding Roll Top Bath measuring 1690mm by 740mm in black. This particular bath is available at JT Spas for only £338.30, whilst it has a regular retail price of £500.00 elsewhere. Another example is the Causeway Freestanding Luxury Single Ended Slipper Bath, which measures 1680mm by 720mm by 770mm, which can be had for only £438.90 at JT Spas. The regular retail price for the same unit is £997.50 in other shops, so customers are able to save as much as £558.60 on their JT Spas purchase.

JT Spas gives more detail about its freestanding bath selection: "All our baths are manufactured using CE and EN approved cast acrylic. All are manufactured to CE standard approval…Both internal and external acrylic sheets are 5mm thick. The acrylic can be repaired from damage of scratching using abrasive paper and polishing compound. All our freestanding baths have a thermal sheet incorporated inside their cavities. Because of the thermal sheets the water stays warmer 60% longer than standard baths."

To learn more about the freestanding claw-foot bath selection at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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