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Clean Air Services, Inc. Provides Professional Services for Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning in Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans

Clean Air Services, Inc. is staffed with several well-trained and qualified experts.


Theodore, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2020 --Clean Air Services, Inc. has been a part of the HVAC/duct systems cleaning and remediation industry for more than two decades. They maintain a network of trusted industry service providers who can handle all aspects of commercial HVAC cleaning in New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama.

The crew of Clean Air Services, Inc also features highly trained and certified technicians who have years of hands-on experience in providing high-quality services for commercial and industrial projects throughout the country. Their crew members even include Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE), Certified Mold Remediators (CMR), and NADCA Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS).

According to the estimates made by the National Fire Protection Association, more than 15,000 fires are caused by clothes dryers each year, resulting in over 80 million dollars in damages. These fires even prove to be fatal for many. Lint can commonly build up on the heating element of the dryer and other places within the dryer container, thereby acting as an insulator that causes the unit to overheat and catch fire. Dryer fires typically start as a result of a spark that occurs within the machine. Improper dryer vent applications often restrict airflow and increase lint buildup. To reduce all the hazards involved in such machines, it is essential to go for dryer vent cleaning from time to time.

Clean Air Services, Inc. offers expert services for multi-unit dryer vent cleaning in Jackson, Mississippi, and New Orleans. Their professionals have all the experience, training, and equipment needed to clean the dryer vents competently. These experts use argental brushes to clean the hard-to-reach places while breaking up and loosening dryer lint throughout the dryer ductwork. After this, a commercial-grade vacuum is used by Clean Air Services, Inc. professionals to extract lint, dust, and other debris.

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Clean Air Services, Inc. primarily caters to the people of New Orleans, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Jackson, and their nearby areas.