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Sunlight Cleaning Services New York Is Going to Conduct a Research That Will Include a Poll Among the Customers

Sunlight Cleaning has elaborated the poll for conducting research that will help to answer the question of which type of cleaning is suitable for customers now.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2019 --Sunlight Cleaning explains why the decision to create this poll was made. Even if the inner dilemma "to clean or not to clean" is solved, the next stage is to decide what type of cleaning is relevant for the customer. That is why Sunlight Cleaning experts in professional cleaning service have found the solution of how to simplify the process of making this choice.

Sunlight Cleaning company NYC has elaborated a short questionnaire and the list of services the company workers can perform. Sunlight Cleaning is going to interview almost all regular customers. The statistics say that a typical customer of the company is a resident of Manhattan, belongs to the age group between 35 and 55, and usually runs own business. However, this research will include the information taken from all possible groups of the company's customers. It will help to find out the most relevant services of Sunlight Cleaning among different clients. Answering these short questions step by step will lead the potential customer to the right decision and indicate the most suitable service for him or her.

Here is a short preview of how this poll is going to look like. First of all, the customer should choose the type of premises that are needed to clean up. It can be either a house or apartment or office or some other specific type (for example, shop, hall, etc.). Then, the client needs to answer honestly whether cleaning is conducted on a regular basis or not. It will determine whether the company has to perform a general cleaning or just a regular one. Last but not least, it is necessary to consider whether some typical services are needed (washing, dusting, wiping down, etc.) or some more specialized cleaning works.

After answering these three simple plus some additional questions from the poll, one of these services from the list below will be suitable for the respondent:

Sunlight house cleaning services NYC

It is the typical choice for private houses. The professionals from the company develop a personalized plan of cleaning and then perform all range of cleaning works from dusting to vacuuming.

Post Construction/Renovation cleaning services
It differs from the usual cleaning process. Tidying up after a renovation needs a special top-down approach in order to remove all dust and the residues of paint and construction materials.

Office Cleaning Services
It includes performing a wide range of cleaning work like dusting, washing and wiping out with a special focus on office equipment.

Move-in/ Move out Cleaning
The move-in / move out cleaning are special services that help to prepare apartments before people move into new accommodation or move out after the determined period of stay comes to an end.

About Sunlight Cleaning company
Sunlight Cleaning company is a professional housekeeping company located in NYC. Sunlight Cleaning provides professional cleaning services in the field of the professional house and apartment cleaning. Sunlight Cleaning positions itself as "flexible, reliable and affordable". The company is known for processing information taken from the feedbacks of the clients and improving services based on it.