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Clever Energy Creates Education Programs About Misconceptions and Myths Regarding Renewable Energy for Deltona, Kissimmee, Orlando, Oviedo and Saint Cloud


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2019 --Clever Energy located in Orlando announces a customer education program aimed at countering common myths and misconceptions heard regarding renewable energy. While serving Central Florida area including Altamonte Springs, Deltona, Kissimmee, Oviedo and Saint Cloud, the company has come across several false conceptions they feel they need to address.

Based on the experience of more than 320 free energy evaluations done during the first quarter of 2019 Clever Energy, have concentrate a group of families and homeowners that are looking for an alternative solution to cover the energy needs at home. Most of the homeowners are not happy with the price of the electricity and paying way too much on electric bills every month. Clever Energy have found that an average homeowner in central Florida that calls for an energy consultation is paying above $150 a month only on the electrical charge; in some cases bill of $400 can be found as well!

Clever Energy, located in Orlando, and serving all central Florida including Altamonte Springs, Deltona, Kissimmee, Oviedo and Saint Cloud. While meeting homeowners and commercial property owners the company has been taken back by the ideas many potential consumers have heard regarding renewable energy. The experience and knowledge of the whole Clever Energy team has gotten together to dispel some of these misconceptions to help bring the benefits of solar and renewable energy to their customers.

The first misconception is that the manufacturing process of solar panels cancels out an environmental benefit. Some opponents point out the energy and fossil fuels used in the manufacturing and transportation process of solar panels as creating an environmentally unfriendly process that cancels out the "green" benefit of home solar systems. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory proved this myth false after a study showed that the energy consumption for producing solar panels is less than four years than the energy solar panels produce. Considering the 30-year lifespan of solar panels, they more than make up for their production energy consumption.

Next, some believe backup generators are required. However, almost all home solar systems are still connected to their local provider via a grid-tie solar system. This is overwhelmingly the most commonly installed home solar system. Depending on the system installed, excess electricity will be fed back to the grid which interesting turns the electric meter backwards. When solar panels are unable to provide the electricity homes need to use, owners will be able to draw energy from their local provider. This exchange can guarantee a steady stream of electricity for when needed.

Finally, the thoughts that solar energy and renewable energy are hobbies and too expensive for mass consumption. While this may have been true many years ago, billions of dollars have been spent on solar panel research and the technology has improved greatly. Pricing has stabilized recently while the cost for other sources of fuel, such as fossil fuels, will only continue to rise. Also, solar panels can typically produce energy up to 30 years more than covering the cost of the installation as well as savings against other energy sources. And finally, regulations over environmental health might necessitate the use of solar energy on a wider scale.

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Clever Energy located in Florida is a leading provider of solar panels installations. They have a firm believe that by educating and showing average people, small concepts about energy management, central Florida can be a leading community in renewable energy management for the United States.

Clever Energy provides energy efficiency and solar panel solutions to homeowners throughout central Florida including the surrounding communities of Altamonte Springs, Deltona, Kissimmee, Orlando, Oviedo and Saint Cloud.

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