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Clever Energy Education Programs Answers About Misconceptions and Myths Regarding Solar Panels on Houses for Deltona, Kissimmee, Orlando, Oviedo and Saint Cloud


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2019 --Clever Energy located in Orlando announces a customer education programed aimed at countering common myths and misconceptions heard regarding solar panels on houses. While serving Central Florida area including Altamonte Springs, Deltona, Kissimmee, Oviedo and Saint Cloud, the company has come across many different ideas about solar energy they have decided customers need to be educated on.

While once thought as a "cost improvement" that was only for show and not cost beneficial, now lenders, installers and slowly homeowners are realizing that a home solar system can be a "profit improvement" paying for itself. Clever Energy has traveled throughout Central Florida meeting with homeowners and commercial property owners to go over the different options they have for solar panels on houses and multi-family dwellings. While meeting with customers or answering questions over the phone, the company has heard many misconceptions they believe should be cleared to allow Florida homeowners and other property owners to take advantage of this unique profit improvement project.

Here are some of the answers to the misconceptions against home solar systems that make up part of the education program Clever Energy is offering:

1. Roofs can be damaged by home solar systems. While solar panels on houses attach directly to the house, solar panels can help protect roofs against deterioration and leaking. In addition, sealants, flashings and other barriers are added to protect against any potential damage from elements and the panels are installed on railings and not onto the roof directly.

2. Home solar systems are unattractive. This was first heard when solar panels on house first started to appear. As they become more popular, they are not as rare as they once were. New color schemes and design go further to blending in with the natural surroundings.

3. Solar can't handle the demand of many household items. While many find it hard to believe solar panels can power the refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, dish washer, clothes washer and more, they have proven over and over they can. Excess energy is send back to the grid or stored in the battery and can be used as needed. With a controller… when the battery no longer can provide the energy needed, the home solar system draws energy back from local grids.

4. Solar panels will lower a home's value. Solar panels on houses are a home improvement project and since they are considered a "profit improvement", they are a value-added addition. New homeowners view the solar installation as a cost savings that has already been added to the home. Studies have shown that new home buyers will pay an additional amount for a home that has a home solar system installed. As the popularity grows, more real estate agents are using pictures of home solar systems in their advertising and educating potential home buyers on the benefits of having solar panels in a new house.

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