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Clever Energy Looks to Help Increase Amount of Solar Home Energy Owners


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2019 --Clever Energy located in Orlando is looking to help homeowners in the areas of Casselberry, Deltona, Kissimmee, Oviedo, and Saint Cloud with their goals of solar home energy. More and more cities in Florida are declaring themselves either solar dependent or putting a goal of becoming solar powered by 2050.

Florida is leading the way in turning cities to run primarily on solar power. After all, this is the sunshine state. The most famous solar city is Babcock ranch, pre-planned community approximately 15 miles east of Ft Myers. What was once cattle land is now a city run only on solar energy. While other cities such as Burlington, Vt and Aspen are running on renewable energy, Babcock is the only one running on solar. Others are using hydro or wind power. The population is expected to exceed 50,000 in 20 years as more and more houses with solar home energy are built.

Houses run from $200k up to $1 million making it affordable and desirable for a number of families. Since first welcoming residents in 2018, the city is now up to 400 happy residents. Other features of Babcock of the town include an A-rated school, restaurants and community gardens. More schools are planned as the population grows.

It's stories like these that are making more Central Florida residents look for solar home energy as other homes and cities are adopting the power. Florida's capital, Tallahassee, has announced its goal of eventually relying 100 percent on renewable energy. Tallahassee will be joining other Florida cities, Dunedin, Gainesville, Largo, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Sarasota with the goal of 100 percent renewable energy.

Orlando originally wanted to go completely solar by 2035 but was worried about not making the goal. However, over the 16 years the buildings, fleet vehicles and public buses are aimed at being run on electric energy.

The rise in solar home energy is also creating more jobs for Florida residents. Even as there was a national decline in solar jobs, in Florida employment from solar jobs grew by 21% in 2018. Florida is only after California as the leader for solar jobs. Jobs are often high pay without the need of a college degree.

Clever Energy encourages homeowners to do their research about becoming a house with solar home energy. The company does offer free inspections and estimates and will be more than happy to answer any questions homeowners have.

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